Nowadays, Twitter is starting to gain its popularity as an advertising platform because it is one of the best, easiest and fastest way to popularize your business. In fact, Twitter had launched their Promoted Accounts and Tweets this March 2012.

Yes, Twitter can be very convenient to use, but you will still need to follow a certain set of guidelines so as to avoid tweeting too much and here is the list of commandments that you should really keep in mind and of course, follow.

  • You should proofread all of your tweets that you are going to post. And also learn how to delete a certain tweet, most especially before the time comes that you will need to do it.
  • You should learn how to monitor the account for the Mentions as well as DM’s, also called as Direct Messages. Also respond, in a timely manner, to the Mentions as well as Dm’s. In fact, almost 42% of the Twitter users who have contacted a certain brand, is expecting a response after just an hour.
  • You should offer a content that is mixed, together with links, images as well as videos to the outside sources if it is making sense.
  • You should also use one or even two hashtags mark content that is relevant to the topic, helping your tweet to boost the listing for the tag on Twitter Search. Hashtag is the best way in extending the reach of Twitter engagement, and you can begin by just using the keywords that are highly related to the business, then by following them daily.
  • You should also keep in  mind to avoid having too many hashtags. Likewise, as the Social Media Explorer’s CEO, Jason Falls had explained in a certain Entrepreneur article that the hashtags is an excellent way of exposing your tweets to a lot more people. But, remember that too many hashtags in just one tweet can be distracting to the users. Well there is really no set of limits on the hashtags, but it is surely the best practice using just one to two hashtags, so as to avoid looking like a spammer.
  • Another thing that you should keep in mind is to complete the account profile of the company, then make sure that you will be including high quality pictures, a certain link to the website of the company and lastly, a brief description which tells the people of what to expect by just following the account.
  • RT, also known as the Retweet, all of the information which you think your followers will find helpful, interesting as well as entertaining, or anything that will catch their attention.
  • You should now avoid having the words “Sale!” or even “Buy now!” in most of your tweets. The followers will surely be tired of always being advertised to so they would rather see informative, interesting or entertaining tweets. Susan Gunelius at the Bloomberg Bussinessweek had recommended 80/20 mixed content, having only 20% of the tweet only for self-promotion. You should balance the advertising or promotional tweet with the helpful conversations as well as information.
  • Well it is not really needed for you to follow everyone who is following you. This can be resulted into a news feed that is “very noisy”. You can only follow those who had interesting tweets with information that is relevant to the business.
  • Do not ignore the negative interactions, always respond to them. But remember to use professionalism and kindness in addressing your remarks. You can also offer to follow him/her so that both of you can interact by using DM’s rather than having a conversation in public.