Since the latter half of the last decade the term android has come to be synonymously used with various gadgets and devices of our regular usage. Though the Linux based operating system is coupled with a number of devices like tablet computers, e-readers etc. the most widely spread employment of this technology occurs through smartphones as almost everyone today is the owner of an android powered smartphone.

Keeping up with market practices new improvements are constantly sought in these products regularly. The latest version to hit the market has been the Android 4.2 Jellybean. Many of the Nexus phones and tablets either presently run, or can be tailored to run on Android 4.2, further a number of newbie’s in the phone market like the Galaxy S4 is also supported by it.  Till the next installment in the form of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie comes out, this is going to be one of the latest products in the line of android smartphones. There have been a number of updates made in the applications of the 4.2 phones.

Android 4.2 JellyBean

Following are mentioned three of the best ones introduced:

Photo sphere

Gone are the days when a phone was meant only for calling people, now it can be anything and everything from a personal diary to a movie camera, from a recipe provider to a guide map etc. Out of the myriad uses we can get from these gadgets, the option of using it as a camera seems the most popular. Jellybean steps this application up to a whole new point with ‘Photo Sphere.’ With the help of this app the users can take 360 degrees panoramic pictures. You can take pictures while turning around and the plentiful overlapping available allows you to be less than absolutely precise, each time you turn. Further, it frees all limits imposed upon your viewpoint by enabling you to include in views from both above and below of your viewing area. You can click the most spectacular pictures of both your personal cherished moments as well as the scenic beauty around you, and all of this without having to splurge on a highly expensive camera.

Tablet users

A new app in 4.2 allows several users to share one single tablet among them. This process becomes highly smooth and easy, as the new feature enables a tablet to hold accounts for as many as 8 different users. You can find this option under ‘Settings’ as ‘Users and Other Users’. Each individual can set up her/his own customized account and have a personalized experience while using the product.

New Gesture modes

A new app called gesture typing can also be found, here instead of physically typing on the keys, you can simply swipe your fingers across the keyboard; your movements will be recognized and translated into the correct words. For the visually impaired users Braille support has been improved further a new mode of gesture coupled with speech has been incorporated.

These new improvements along with a number of other features like new screen widgets etc, makes  Android 4.2 Jellybean one of the best smartphones around. For further news on its features and use you can browse through a number of independent reviews present online.