Successful recruiting involves a targeted recruiting campaign. It is critical to get open positions advertised in the right places. Also, recruiters must make it possible for the right candidates to see the open positions, as successful recruiting is all about timing.

Recruiting software makes this process more efficient. Your jobs can be automatically fed to free job sites; all it takes is the click of a button, and your jobs are available for viewing. Social Media is an essential part of any successful recruiting campaign. Since, recruiting software has social media functions built into it; you can be confident that your positions are being advertised all over the web.

Currently, more than 70% of employers are using social media to support their recruiting efforts because Social media has emerged as a highly cost effective way to find exceptional talent.

This software ties everything together. Your jobs are posted automatically to free recruiting websites; apart from that your jobs are also fed to a Twitter feed. Employees can simply send an invitation to prospective job candidates. This invite will navigate the candidate to the right place.


Many companies realize that social media is an ideal recruiting source; as billions of people are on social media sites. Currently, there are more than 300 social media sites on the web. Additionally, people usually include education and job titles in their social media profile. Recruiting software can use this information to match a job to a potential candidate.

The software also makes it easy for employees to send referrals to people they know; all it takes is a click and the job description can be sent to other people.

Recruiting software coordinates all recruiting functions under one umbrella. Jobs are posted simultaneously on multiple websites; thereby, increasing the chance of the right candidate seeing the job. Recruitment is similar to marketing a product, where your particular product is a job opening. The goal is to advertise this product to the right audience, so that the right candidates apply for the job.

Wasting time is not a part of good recruiting strategy. A recruiter must fill positions with the best talent in an efficient manner.

When your jobs are submitted to multiple sites, it can be a daunting task to track where the candidates saw the job advertisement. With recruiting software; the recruiter will know what resource the applicant used to find the job posting. When you collect this type of data, your business will be able to maximize the exposure of the job postings; thus, more time can be spent advertising the jobs where there is a high amount of web traffic. The web traffic is also targeted. The people that see the job posting are likely qualified, or they know someone that is qualified for the position.

Recruiting software also helps your company to create a hosted career page. This career page will match your company website. This is recruiting at its finest. Everything is in sync, and this harmony strengthens your brand.