We cannot deny the fact that we are now dependent on Smartphones nowadays. When the first cell phone was introduced to us, it was enormous and pricey. You were probably paying around a dollar to speak with someone over the phone for a minute. But as the technology of phones continues to evolve, it would be so much impossible not to see a Smartphone anywhere you lay your eyes. What’s difficult is to see a flip phone in today’s generation.

Typically, though, Smartphone users intuitively tend to know when to change their phones. In spite of that, some signs will trigger you to change your phone to a new or probably the latest Smartphone out in the market. It may be that it captured your interests in that phone, or maybe your phone is performing permanent issues for some time now. With all the new iPhones and other Smartphones out, it pops out one ultimate question; Should you change your current phone and upgrade to a new one?

A big thing about the evolution of technology and Smartphones is that it becomes out of fashion so fast. You buy the latest model of iPhone or any other Smartphone, and it will be outdated after six months time. Real quick, isn’t it? In addition to that, we are using tons of apps to perform our daily tasks and errands. And needless to say, our phones are like handy desktop computers and laptops because of their versatility. Now, what if there comes a time that your beloved cell phone can no longer do its basic tasks? Probably, the most reasonable way is to upgrade it.

Fortunately, we are here, and we’ve got you covered. Because we’re giving you some of the signs that you already need to change your phone.

Broken Screen


Most of the people or let’s say over eighty percent of Americans think that phones with broken screens. It’s mainly because we find it difficult to see the use of the essential functions. Bluntly and harshly saying, a phone with a broken screen is bothersome. You may drop your phone causing it to break the screen, lean on something with your cell phone on your pocket or sat on it. Frequently, phones with broken screens are still functioning but as the crack in the screen expands, the more annoying it gets.

There are several shops that repairs damaged screens, but there are times that it’s comparable to buying a new phone that’s why people tend just to buy a new phone rather than fixing it (because it’s more logical to buy a new Smartphone with some new features than your old crappy phone). But for people who cannot let go of their memories with their old phone and for those who have important files on their phone (which is very seldom due to cloud storage), they prefer fixing their phones by some stores.

Weak Battery Life


These rechargeable batteries in our phones have this particular charging cycle, and then after that, these batteries need to be replaced. The main rule in batteries is after 500 charging cycles, and you only have eighty percent of the original battery life. But way before that, you’ll already notice a difference in the battery as it may no longer last a day without charging. Fortunately, there are already apps that can determine if the battery is really the issue. For Android phones, you can try downloading the Battery Monitor Widget app to check the current battery health. On iOS devices, try taking your phone to the nearest Apple Store for them to check it. This app will tell you the remaining battery capacity.

Phone Speed is Very Slow


As time flies, your phone’s processor slows down. Your once fast processing phone slows down like a modem which runs through dial-up. It’s like your Smartphone’s aging process. Apart from the cache buildups, apps that are developed nowadays require more processor power and memory and everything slows down like a baby crawling. To keep your phone as discerning as possible, try cleaning up your phone. Not actually literally cleaning up but try uninstalling apps that you are not using that much or try using cloud storage. But do we certainly need to upgrade our phone because of slow speeds? If none of those recommendations work for you, then the answer is yes, you need to buy a new phone.

Operating System Is Not Updating


Apple has a new version of their operating system which is iOS every year, and so does Android (and they name it after sweet foods such as lollipop and marshmallow). Either of the two, both software are updated in accordance with our fast-moving evolution of technology. All new phones are up-gradable and functions immediately, but old phones can no longer be updated just like the iPhone 4 (which we cannot upgrade to iOS 10). If this is the problem with your Smartphone, we highly suggest changing your phone to a more updated one than yours. Not literally the latest model but let’s say the next phone in series with yours. Sometimes, these old phones just can’t keep up with the updates and all that’s why we need to consider the thought of upgrading our phones.

Low Quality of the Photos and Videos Taken in The Phone


Generally, the camera on our phones are the most useful features that all Smartphones have. We usually take a picture of ourselves, our family or even a beautiful scenery with it. We can also record videos of funny things, remarkable life events and such in it. If you have an older phone, it’s camera shots may not be as fantastic as how we hoped it would be. The resolution and the camera quality may not hack those new phones nowadays. There are also times that some phones only need to change the lens of their phone camera due to some scratches. If that’s the case, try replacing it to professional installers online but if the problem is with your camera phone’s quality, acknowledge the thought of changing your phone.

Charging Won’t Hold Anymore


This type of problem is personally dealt with people nowadays. With the previous Smartphone models, one good thing about it is when a battery can’t hold charging anymore, we can quickly remove the phone’s back cover and replace it with a battery that we can buy in the market. But things began to change as the new wave of Smartphones were launched. New phones nowadays are now sealed and replacing the battery will mean breaking the phone to open it and voiding its warranty. And this is serious trouble to those individuals whose phones are no longer charging.

Normally, a standard battery capacity is around 2100 mAh. This number may not move you but the next sentence will. Unfortunately, the batteries on our phones are becoming locked with the phone itself. That means they are becoming non-removable because that is how manufacturers make it currently. With that being said, that if your battery can no longer hold a charge, then upgrading your phone is the final option.

On the contrary, there are still Smartphones with removable batteries. It’s just that they are not as fast nor advanced as the newly launched Smartphones with locked-in battery. But if you like a water-resistant phone, expect to have a sealed one. All the iPhones and the latest Android phones in the market have sealed batteries which force you to buy a new one when yours can no longer hold a charge.


If you have experienced any of this reasons to change your phone, how did you respond to it? Years ago, all you just have to do was run to the nearest store, let in-store technicians check your phone, replace your phone’s battery if needed and your phone will be back up and running.

If you buy an unlocked phone, there are also stores offering that kind of phones but the price varies. You may pay around $800 and up if you want the availability of the phone to any other carriers.

The real essence of upgrading your phone is to find a phone that would meet our requirements, interests, goals, and needs. But there are just certain times when you actually fall short of your expectation especially in changing your phone. Some lower priced phones may be fun for those who start keeping up their pace to the world of Smartphones, but the performance and quality may not match your taste. Don’t even rely on or trust their camera quality as it may just end up disappointing you. The high-end phones like iPhone 7s Plus may give you the best of the best, but of course, you have to pay it (but we are not forcing you to buy high-end phones). Before the purchase of a new phone, it is best to do some research first to ensure that the one you chose meets everything that you want your phone should have.