Time is indeed money. To become a successful professional, one needs to value time and work effectively. More often it may seem like we have worked hard the entire day, yet when we look back, it is hard to understand which activity took so much of our time. If you have been perturbed by the same problem of inability to track down the time effectively and are drowned in the intricate details of the project, we have exactly the right solution for you. Intervals is online project management software which gives you the liberty to centralize your projects, conveniently manage your tasks and accordingly track your time in a personalized online space – so that all the requirements of your business are met.

Why is Intervals the Right Choice for Small Business Owners?

It is the right choice for small business owners, especially those at web design and development shops, creative agencies, IT companies, and public relations and communication companies, where billing is done on a per hour basis or per project basis. Intervals is fully hosted, so you are not required to install any software and you can up and running within minutes. You can sign up without a credit card and can cancel any time.

One thing which works in the favor of Intervals is the fact that it is extremely useful and relevant for any small business, regardless of its size. And with the free thirty day trial which they are providing, it is hardly possible to make a wrong choice. At present, Intervals is being used in 105 countries to manage over 1.7 million tasks and track over 19 million hours, for an estimated value of over 2.2 billion hours. That comes out to a lot of small businesses who have trusted their day-to-day workflow to Intervals.

Intervals benefits small business owners in many ways. The timers for time tracking are always present at the bottom of the screen, making it incredibly easy to start and stop timers. Tasks can be searched and sorted by a number of variables so it’s easy to know what you should be working on and when. Managing projects is a comprehensive, yet intuitive, process that includes managing team permissions, estimating project budgets, and tracking payments and expense. The reports section offers highly customized graphs and charts detailing where you time is going. Intervals is a great tool for keeping your small business accountable its core team and clients.

Some of the Remarkable Features of Intervals are:

– Centralized team task management
– Comprehensive & efficient time tracking.
– Complete your projects quickly and successfully.
– Manage Workflow with tasks and track where your time is going.
– Upload files for sharing with your team
– Customize your account according to your workflow.
– Generate professional Invoices for billable time and expenses.
– Project milestones for tracking several tasks at once.
– Email integration for updating tasks from your inbox.
– Multiple timers for tracking time against several projects and tasks.

Final Thoughts

Intervals facilitates small businesses in thoroughly tracking and managing their time, tasks and projects by providing a comprehensive online application. Intervals will help you to increase the productivity of your small business and provide you a systematic workflow to monitor your business health. Intervals’ comprehensive feature set and robust reports can help any small business centralize their workflow and gain control over their time, tasks, and projects. Try Intervals today. Your team and your clients will thank you.