We have embraced Internet in every sphere of business, but still have to rely on some 20th century solutions to keep our business running. Imagine a scenario where you have to send a contract agreement to one of your clients. You need to take printouts, sign them and either send it via FAX or make use of the courier service. Imagine the number of such printouts that you might have taken out in the last one week. Not only does it cost a lot, but is also a complete waste of time in the e-age. At a time where we can transact billions of dollars electronically, what is that prevents us from replicating the same thing with documents. It’s something called SIGNATURE, it might seem only a small formality to many, but it does have its legal importance as it authenticates a document and confirms agreement between two parties.

Both these things can be done digitally in this age and in a much more secured manner. Let us introduce you to a solution which can possibly do away with printing, scanning, FAX and courier, where it merely concerns a signature. SignSquid allows you to sign a document digitally. It this system, the physical signature is replaced by a digital code which makes it more secured as there can be no unauthorized access to the document. Today, digital signatures are accepted in most countries around the world with the United Nations having paved the way for this way back in 1996. Even if a legal issue arises with the digitally signed documents, the firm offers audit trail to investigate the signatures for a document.

Web App Look and Feel of Use

The web app has been designed keeping in mind the different segments of customers that it would target ranging from tech savvy people to ordinary individuals. It is extremely user-friendly with self-explanatory steps.

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Here is how the system works –

  • You need to upload a PDF version of the document on the server. Name the files and set the deadline for the signing of the document. SignSquid then encrypts the files and stores them securely on the server.
  • In the next stage, you need to invite your signatories by entering their names and email addresses. The signatories are sent an identity link for the document authentication page by the server.
  • SignSquid will then generate a unique code which you can communicate to the signatories by telephone or have them send though SignSquid via SMS. Once they receive the code, they will be able to sign the document online.
  • Once the document has been signed a confirmation copy is sent to all the signatories, you will also receive a copy with a seal of authenticity which guarantees the signatures and authenticates the document.

Features of SignSquid

  1. This solution is quick and easy. A document can be signed from different parts of the globe by a host of signatories in a few minutes.
  2. SignSquid uses a two-step authentication process which keeps the document safe and secure even if you send it across to a wrong email address.
  3. This solution does away with the need to use printers, scanners and FAX saving your precious money annually.
  4. SignSquid operates using the HTTPS protocol and relies on SSL certificate for all communications. This encrypts the data and prevents it from being intercepted by anyone on the way.

Who Can Use It?

The robust electronic signature solution can easily be adopted by businesses of all sizes starting from startup businesses to large corporates. It is also ideal for freelancers who have to keep signing contract agreements with their clients on a regular basis. The cost effective nature of this solution makes it ideal for all kinds of businesses.


The developers of SignSquid have priced the solution smarty to cater to every need and every budget. There are four distinctive pricing plans namely – Solo, Team, Enterprise and Corporate with monthly subscription of $5, $9, $25 and $100 respectively. Using these plans you can get digital signatures on 3, 10, 30 and 120 documents based on the pricing plans. You can also avail discount of one month’s subscription charges if you subscribe to the plans annually. You also get benefitted by using the total credits on a flexible basis.

If you aren’t sure about adopting this robust solution for your business, you can opt for the one month free trial program and taste the solution before you invest your money on it.

To sum up, SignSquid is one of those solutions which are ushering in a new era of business. Digital signatures are soon going to be the order of the day and it would be wise if you make the first move.