Research in Motion was in the forefront of smartphone technology when it entered the market with the BlackBerry device. Now, those how use a Blackberry are a dying breed and Blackberry is about to be left behind. RIM, the developer of Blackberry technology has suffered with months of chaos and turmoil while watching Apple and Android taking over the cell phone world.

In 2008, RIM was the pride of Canada. Now that home market is gone to Apple Smartphones. Those who continually developed smartphone technology warned Blackberry to move on to high technology.

Instead RIM claimed that better marketing was the key to turning around Blackberry sells and gaining market share. No better or more advanced products were introduced; just hype on the old phones technology.

Blackberry and Corporate America

Corporate American was founded on the Blackberry phone. Now BlackBerry technology is all but gone. Visit your local cell provider stores and you will find that only one or maybe two styles of Blackberry are available. If you have a BlackBerry, you might want to hide it when you use it. Turned up noses and scoffs are the comments you will receive when others see you using a Blackberry.

When the Blackberry was first introduced it was the high-powered phone carried by the elite. Blackberry is still sold in India and Indonesia but in the United States Blackberry enjoys only a 5 percent share of the market.

In the early 2000s, Blackberry owned over 50% of the cell phone Blackberry marketplace and earned billions in revenue. Blackberry is investigating bringing out a new phone with smartphone capabilities, but the loss of income for Research in Motion, marketers of the Blackberry, is more than $753 million during the first half of 2012.

Cons of the Blackberry

Reasons for the death of the Blackberry include slow browsers and batteries with limited power reserves. Current cell phone trends are also a big feature of Blackberry’s failure with employees begging corporate office to give them iPhone or Androids rather than BlackBerrys. Being able to use text and calling features plus limited Internet usage is just not cutting edge enough for busy executives and employees.

Washington, D.C. the home of Blackberry use for security purposes is now bowing to President Obama’s preference for iPad and iPhone technology. Of course, there is no comment on this statement.

Blackberry technology does not support social networking apps, are unable to take high resolution photos and there is no provision to navigate locations. Working on a smartphone to book travel and make restaurant reservations is great, but just not possible on a Blackberry.

Pros of the Blackberry

Some Blackberry users love their phones for the efficient and physical keyboard. There are some investors who use the Blackberry by choice for the email capabilities. Executives who are not necessarily old schoolers, prefer typing on an actually keyboard versus a screen.

There have been responses by loyal Blackberry owners who state that they do not need all the bells and whistles of a smartphone. All they need is to text and call; nothing more.

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