Many moons ago, I was on the look-out for PSD to HTML service and ended up choosing PixelCrayons for it. Happy and satisfied, I, in this blog, will introduce the company, discussing briefly what it offers and my experience with it.

Established in 2004, PixelCrayons began with a simple approach: to realize the dreams of its clients. And that too in a significantly short duration. It deals in providing a host of services: e-comm, front-end engineering, CMS and mobile. Its PSD to HTML service, which comes under front-end engineering, is not only about what can be referred by its name: PSD to HTML conversion. PixelCrayons converts Adobe Illustrator, existing HTML markup and PNG files into HTML as well.

In 2008, I gave PixelCrayons a job to convert a PSD file into an HTML file. And that PSD, to be very honest, was of a quite low quality, with a not-so-organized structure. This, however, didn’t cause its team members even a miniscule of fret – and this literally boosted me up and heightened up my expectations.

One of the major things that most of us look out for before availing PSD to HTML service – or any service, for that matter – is how easily we can order it and how well we’ll be responded. When I asked PixelCrayons for its service, its team member articulated: “sir, it’s simple. Upload your PSD along with what your requirements are and give us your email address. You’ll then be given a plethora of options to choose from: different fonts, add-ons and more.” This gave me a good feeling – a positive one.

As soon as I uploaded my PSD file, the company got in touch with me in no time and flooded my mail with many questions – all of which were very relevant, to my surprise. Indeed, if and only if someone cares for your project, then only they have so many queries. The queries were about font, links, buttons etc on the PSD I sent to them.

Indeed, when you come in contact with PixelCrayons, you don’t talk to its single team member but to a pool of experts that is happy to help you.

As far as the prices of its PSD to HTML service are concerned, they are very reasonable. And even the basic package gives you a wonderful conversion. I, however, opted for a professional package in order to get my hands on some additional features – like footer stretching, all-browsers compatibility, siFR etc.

The results I got were perfect and on time. The HTML code was well-organized and looked great to me. And I’m running a web development company myself and have a fair knowledge about HTML and CSS, so it wouldn’t have been an easy task for PixelCrayons to meet my expectations, but it indeed exceeded them.

Finally, I’ll recommend every business to go for PixelCrayons’ PSD to HTML service, and I’m looking forward for you to share your experience as well.

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