The technical experts and the one aware of the current trends in the web and technological services knows that the future lies in the cloud services and owing to the same, various big giants have already started clashing their forces to capture the fast growing and promising territory. When the Amazon and Google marked the beginning of the war in the online music, the Apple was not left far too behind and joined in too with announcing iCloud.

However the applications of the cloud system are not limited to just the music and one can include various important documents, pictures, videos etc and the cloud services offer enough location to include files, like DropBox, Amazon S3, Google Docs, Apple iCloud and personalized FTP accounts.

The online limitation of using the cloud services is the limitation to manage all of it effectively. If you have more than one cloud service to your avail, it is difficult to manage it all but luckily, an easy solution has now been made available to the users, in the form of Otixo, which allows the users to manage all the cloud based services from a single location itself.

The Desktop Working on the Cloud Mode

This is another impeccable feature provided by Otixo which allows the users to access their accounts from the desktop personal computer. What it means is that you can easily add the cloud services to Otixo and work on them as if they are just another disk drive in the system, owing to the cloud based provision.

Resourcefulness of Using Otixo

One of the basic advantages of Otixo is that it supports FTP or the File Transfer Protocol, thus it can be easily used to transfer the files from any of the FTP server to the Google Docs or Amazon S3 without requiring any understanding of the coding or scripting language.Users can bring together their online files from many popular third party applications, including MobileMe, Picasa, Dropbox, Amazon S3, SugarSync and Google Docs. Besides, you can also add multiple accounts via same cloud services, for instance the old and new Google Docs accounts, and transfer the files across these accounts seamlessly.

Another advantage is the integrated search option which enables you to locate the different files which are otherwise spread all over the multiple cloud services. From any of the work station connected through the cloud services, you can easily add or delete files, create new folders and etc from anywhere.

Thus, what Otixo does is brings all of your files under a single account and accessible through a simple search option. Besides, the movement between the files from one cloud services to another is extremely convenient, as easy as copying from one and pasting in another and does not require you to download any of it. When you think of the conservation of time with this service, you would realize the actual worth of Otixo. All you got to do is remember the user name and password and all of the files will be made available to you in an instant.


The pricing policy which Otixo follows is really worth for any type of business; whether it is a small business organization or a large business organization. Anybody can register for free; once signed up and the email id is verified, users receive 250 MB bandwidth per month for free and you can include all of your accounts and work with the files as per your requirements, without having to worry about any binding factors or limitations. If a user feels that they need more than 250 MB, they have to upgrade the account to a Business account. Business accounts holders get unlimited bandwidth for $9.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

If you have been perturbed with having to access different cloud applications for every single task, Otixo is an advantageous solution which you must explore. The strong points of Otixo are its user centric and friendly interface and the ability to switch between various cloud based services, at a lightning speed.