NEW YORK (AP) — Skype is expanding even before it gets absorbed by Microsoft Corp.

The latest news about Skype is that, it is planning to buy GroupMe, a group messaging service system that helps you to communicate in a group efficiently.

Skype has already provided users impeccable benefits like making calls, conducting video chats and sending instant messages over the Web. Many Skype applications are just free of cost, for example: – making calls from Skype to Skype is absolutely free.

Now Skype is moving towards the field of mobile group messaging, which has been rolled out on variety of smartphone apps. One of them has been recently launched by Facebook.

Well, we all know that Skype has already provided number of group communication options, including video chat service, now targeting to provide us with conference calls, photo sharing and location sharing options. By acquiring “GroupMe” corporation, all these features would be applicable on Skype very soon.