After ditching Symbian and MeeGo to go with Windows Phone 7, Nokia has been functioning with Microsoft for months now. With Nokia’s support and low cost invention proficiency, Microsoft has a chance to go mass market with Windows Phone 7.

Today, Unwired announced that Microsoft and Nokia are going to hold a combined event at this month’s GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Since it’s a joint event, which will be held by Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone division, it doesn’t take Sherlock to assume that you might see an authorized introduction of the first Windows Phone 7 phone by Nokia.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop also exposed last month that Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are being well acknowledged by those lucky enough to get an early hands on. “Those who already have viewed our early Windows Phone work are very optimistic about the devices Nokia will bring to market and about the long-term opportunities,” said Elop

Nokia’s first Windows Phone, code named “Sea Ray” was revealed to the internet last month after Elop confirmed the device at an in-house company meeting. This windows phone is anticipated to be on hand later this year. The design of the new windows phone seems to be matching to the newly launched Nokia N9.

Nokia is planning to launch its new windows phone first in UK, Germany France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. These devices are presently labeled with “W” for Windows. Nokia is also planning to launch a dual-core N8 variant with a 12MP camera, QWERTY touch screen candy bar phone and a cheaper touch screen phone with less expensive body.