If you’re both a devoted Mac or iPad user and a small business owner, you’ve probably run into this discouraging fact: decent accounting software for Mac and Apple devices is far from easy to find. If you can find any at all!

Device-type loyalties aside, it’s also discouraging that most accounting software looks like it was designed by your traditional, stereotyped accountant: dull, boring, tedious and about as brightly creative as a paper clip. (Yawn)

User friendliness is yet another issue. Most accounting software uses accounting terminology – which is strictly a foreign language to most of us. Accountants and bookkeepers are even trained to think differently from mere mortals. So when you or I try to get our heads around their software, we’re often confused, or worse.

According to a couple of entrepreneurs recently arrived from Denmark, help is on the way. It’s coming in the form of a new small business accounting software called Billy’s Billing. Company founders Toke Kruse and Sebastian Seilund haven’t revealed much, but promise that truly user-friendly bookkeeping software will soon be available here, as it’s been in Denmark for some time now.

Sneak Peek

Though we haven’t yet taken a full test drive, we’ve had a sneak peek at the new app. What we’ve seen so far is impressive. It has the basic features you’d expect of a good, functional accounting program:

  • Invoicing (you can design your own custom invoices)
  • Expense tracking
  • Standard double entry bookkeeping requirements are all covered
  • Easy sharing of your numbers with tax preparers, accountants, CPAs
  • Useful activity board for monitoring cash flow, profits, etc.

What’s most impressive is the care and attention given to the real-world needs of small business owners, freelancers and the like. The program appears to be easy to navigate, easy to understand (accounting terminology has been thoroughly avoided) and even easy to look at. They also promise it will be fully operational on both Macs and PCs.

Review Immediately after Launch

Once Billy’s Billing is officially launched, we’ll put it through its paces and bring you a more comprehensive review. Stay tuned!