Obviously, Olympics fans are crazy about sports. But do we have a clear insight of what exactly they like? Yes, Facebook reveals some interesting insights about the Olympics fans.

According to an analysis made by Compass Labs – a social media advertising company, the profiles of the two official pages of Olympic Games and U.S. Olympic Team show matching results to some extent. The two pages have about 5.7 million fans and Compass Labs found which sports, brands and TV shows rated highest with each of these groups by cross referring to the likers’ other favourite FB pages.

Overall, they found that the fan base of both the U.S. Team and Olympics page were 55% female with an average age group of 18-25. This has been noticed that both the pages showed similar demographics.

The U.S. Fans state track and field as their top sport, while it took eighth position among the overall Olympics aficionados. The order of the games fans goes like ice hockey, badminton, archery, rowing, field hockey and gymnastics. Out of which none of them takes place in the top 10 sports for U.S. Fans. If we talk about individual athletes, swimmer Michael Phelps rock the charts.

When we talk about the brand loyalty, Olympic Games have wider fan base than that of U.S. Olympic Team. We have full report by Compass Labs, check out the data and let us know your opinion in the comments.