Nowadays, people are calling non-working mobile apps as zombies. This is a recent development that has almost a headline in online news segments. Now, if you are also dealing with mobile software systems that don’t function properly, then it is better to delete them from your mobile’s memory. It has been found that only ten percent of mobile apps work properly on smart phones. It is time to get in touch with apps that can work about 70 percent more efficiently than online channels. The article will give a deep insight into the various apps that have been recently launched and about those that are on the pipeline.

Launched and Working

A recent software company has recently launched some amazing mobile apps especially designed for job seekers, seniors, students and families. They are claiming that a lighter version of this software will supply employment incomes in various languages such as Vietnamese, Arabic, English and Chinese. They are also ensuring that the future apps will enable the users to view and subscribe to various online newsletters.

They will even give them the chance to check their payments, capture and upload documents and their previous history record. Some of these apps have received more than 15 million transactions in the past few months. Even with so much of transactions, the app took no more than four weeks to get established and around 1 week to deploy at most.

What to Expect

The companies have ensured that the apps are tested through beta and alpha testing to make sure that they fulfill the requirements of users. It has been observed that the student apps grew about 35 percent more within the last year. Now, senior citizens will be at ease in using apps that are equipped with features that are user friendly and simple to operate.

The apps are said to be more personalized than the usual ones available in the market. The apps are said to be supporting real time digital discussions and have even reduced non-cooperation of student forms. Now, some of these mobile software systems will provide you with advanced answers in accordance with relevant questions. Attention is mostly given on optimized interaction facilities, such as finance charting. This will prove advantageous to the users as they will be able to enjoy the unique aspects of the apps.


Apps are being manufactured with enhanced picture and video resolution. Now, you will get to watch your videos that are high in quality. The users will be able to access the multimedia files in a better speed. Now, apps are being outfitted with spilt screens and horizontal scrolls, which will ensure users with comfortable browsing. You will also get to alter the time series on a definite financial chart through the means of simple pinch gesture options.

The cashing tools will enable the viewers to read even on off-line platform. If you buy these new apps for mobiles like weather apps or ringtone apps then you will get to enjoy off-line access to newsletters. Don’t waste another second in thinking and start exploring the various online mobile app stores.