We all know that drinking and driving just don’t mix. But we tend to turn a blind eye to smartphone usage while behind the wheel. Though many states are trying to have texted while driving ban, we still think of phone use while driving as harmless. It’s better to play it safe and keep your attention on the road where it belongs. Here are a few apps that will allow you to do that while using your mobile phone in transit.

1. Text’nDrive

Already a modern classic, Text’nDrive does just about what you’d think it does. It’s a handy app available from iTunes and the Android Market that allows you to easily send SMS messages while you drive using advanced voice recognition software. A must for anyone who logs a lot of miles going to and from work, it has the added benefit of being free. There’s a paid version also available, but the basic functionality is the same in both.

2. iZup

If you’d rather not be able to send or receive calls and text at all while you’re on the road, this application may be of interest to you. Illume Software’s iZup program shifts into gear once you get underway on your trip and sends all calls and text directly to your mailbox for later access. If New Year’s resolutions are any indication, we often break promises we make to ourselves. Say, for example, the resolution to not talk or text while driving. This app helps you keep your promise.

3. Drive First by Sprint

Much like iZup, Drive First by Sprint forwards incoming calls and text straight to voicemail when you’re driving. It locks the screen by default so you won’t become distracted or try to use your smartphone in traffic. It also features the ability to add exceptions to the standard communications blacklist, like the ability to call select contacts. You can also set it up to allow calls from specific contacts to ring in emergency situations.

4. Otter

One-Touch Text Response, or Otter for short, is a nifty app that allows you to create prerecorded responses to text messages from your contact list. It features a slew of options when it comes to automatically respond to some or all of your texts, and shuts off your ringer when the car is moving. If you want to curtail your texting while still maintaining a degree of interaction with your contacts, Otter is the solution.

5. DriveSafe.ly

This particular app is kind of like Text’nDrive but in reverse. It reads your text messages and E-mails out loud for you so you can check up on your latest communique without having to take your hands off the wheel. Perfect for dynamic go-getters or just folks who can’t wait to go through their in-box, DriveSafe.ly is available on a subscription basis for $79.90 per year or just $7.99 a month. One of the highest-rated safe driving apps for both iOS and Android, DriveSafe.ly is worth the money.

6. Textecution

Considering the fact that texting is the number one distraction for drivers trying to be responsible, an application like Textecution was inevitable. Originally designed for parents who wanted to stop their teens from texting while driving, adults can also use it to prevent themselves from doing the same. Textecution uses your smart phone’s built-in accelerometer to sense when your car is going faster than 10 MPH and kills your ability to use SMS when you’re in motion.

7. Safe Driver Pro


It helps on occasion to have somebody around to call us on bad behavior, whether it’s on the road or at home. If you drive alone, you may not have that somebody with you, which is where Safe Driver Pro comes in. It uses geo-tracking to analyze your movements around town and record things like acceleration, hard braking, and excessive speed. Safe Driver Pro is like having a driving instructor in the car with you to warn you when you’re not being cautious enough.

In Summary

Simply turning off the phone while driving is often impractical for many people. If your work or family obligations demand that you be available around the clock to send or receive phone calls or messages, you’ll need some software to help you keep your communications straight. These convenient apps will allow you to stay connected while you drive without endangering your safety or putting those you share the road with at risk.