The popularity of mobile phones, smart phones, tablets etc to access and surf through the Internet has vociferously insisted upon the need for the website owners to get a mobile based website. If in case, the website owners fail to own a fully functional and mobile compatible website, they are more likely to miss out on huge amount of users and highly explosive business possibilities.

However, creating a mobile phone websites is not as easy as it appears. The mobile websites has to perform on various criteria and they are met with so many limitations like small screen size of mobile devices, lack of concentration span of the users and etc being a few out of many such limitations. Along with that, the mobile devices can be broadly categorized into two categories, namely Touch sensitive and those not sensitive to touch. Another limitation that lies is, if one is able to prepare a technically sound website for touch screen mobile devices, though it will work perfectly on Nokia smart phones, iPhones and other Apple devices, Android etc, but the same would fail to perform on non-touch Smartphones like for instance BlackBerry.

Surrounded by such complexities, an easy solution which lies with you, when it comes to developing a good mobile compatible website is It provide you easy ways of developing mobile website, which is fully compatible with all the mobile phones connected to the Internet.

We have also tested for making mobile compatible website, we made difference types of websites and used varying content layouts and options and must say, it did not even take us 20 complete minutes to create a brand new mobile website for our blog, laced with beautiful color scheme, content and pages.

Further in the write up, we will discuss various features and advantages provided by

User-Friendly Interface

Visiting for the first time, you will be greeted with a user friendly homepage and will have the option of signing up for a particular plan or taking a free tour for 21 days, without any prerequisite obligations to pay. Right after creating your account with, you will be greeted by the dashboard.

Dashboard of gives you an access to a lot of options to customize and personalize the out look. You have the liberty to change the color scheme of your website so as to make it more suitable for the content. Along with that, you can easily modify the content, add new content or pages in the website.

Publishing the Website Quickly

Publishing is the natural option, once the website is created. Publishing the website may be a cumbersome task for those building their own website for the first time but makes it really simple for the users to publish their website by just clicking on the publish button. In the trial version, your website remains published for 21 days and you can any time view and check the same. After the termination of the trial period, you would have to choose from any of the various plans to keep on using the services offered by

Making changes in the website is also very easy, if in case you wish to, just log in and edit whatever you wish and then click publish.
Also, you can add the RSS feed on your blog and this is a really beneficial feature for those who already owns a blog and wishes to gain a mobile presence. The RSS feed page has a smooth design which can be easily read and refreshed.

Final Words

Ultimately is undoubtedly and exceptional solution available for you to create a mobile website. You need not be a coding expert to use it. It does not require you to be a whiz kid, an HTML junkie or etc.
Secondly its mobile compatibility is amazing. Websites build with will be compatible with more than 5 thousand mobile devices.

Lastly the prices are just amazing. Not only do you get a free 21 day trial but even when the trial period is over, the premium plans start with as low as $79/per month. It is also worth mentioning that stands apart from others which offers the same services. Be rest assured, that you do not require any coding experience in order to make the website. Creating a new page is just a matter of a few clicks, click on the type of content you desire for your page and the rest will be taken care of. Besides, it also provides you required options for live Twitter stream, checkout options with the help pf PayPal etc.

Thus don’t wait, explore the resourcefulness of today.