It hasn’t even been out for a month, Microsoft has already unveiled the first update for its Surface RT tablet. The update has been rolled out alongside several bug fixes for other Microsoft products as well.

The firmware update includes 7 patches for Windows Surface RT, which includes two patches related to security related issues. The rest includes performance and stability.

Something as appearing inoffensive as bunching in the Surface RT with its other Microsoft software patches is a characteristic representation of the company’s objectives for the future. The Surface RT might be the Microsoft’s first ever PC and Windows RT might not be a full version of Windows 8, but both newly launched products got a very quick update within a month of their launch.


Consumers can take benefit in the fact that Windows RT will be getting as much importance as older versions of Windows got as it also comes with almost all the same functionality as laptop or desktop computer but having a disadvantage of inability to run non-Metro applications.

The story with Windows RT and Surface tablet was never going to be how many units will be sold by Microsoft on the day when its new products were launched, but rather how Microsoft can build up its reputation in the market with its new products over the next months to prove that it is still a worthy and useful platform.