The recent reports reveal that Microsoft has declared the worldwide presence of web analytics tools, called Clarity. It is a free-to-use tool developed to assist website managers to enhance their site experiences by a more reliable site comprehending visitor behavior.

As per the programmers at the technology giant, with Clarity, they have developed a set of utilities that assist people who control websites to make more versed choices about the alterations they should execute on their websites.

This is an open-source user behavior analytics utility that assists you to comprehend how people are communicating with your site via features, including session heatmaps and replays.

Clarity tool displays which sections of a site get the most, as well as least engagement. It offers a priceless interface for debugging.

Besides, it gives you the utilities to make knowledgeable choices about the modifications to your site with the help of real proof. You can do this in a way that assists in valuing the privacy and data security of your users.

Features in Microsoft Clarity Tools

As per the Microsoft Clarity professionals, the utility consists of the following features:

#1. Introduced to be Simple to Use and Effortless on Your Site

The programmers have developed it to be easy to utilize for programmers, as well as non-programmers alike. Clarity is developed to have quite a low influence on page load times to ensure users navigating to a website won’t need to wait for pages to load.

#2. Watch What Clicks with Your Visitors Using Heatmaps

Clarity offers a lot of core capabilities, including session-replay and heatmaps, along with an insights dashboard.

Heatmaps give a visual method to check large numbers of user communications, and they are in two forms, i.e., scroll maps and click maps.

#3. Align Your Assumptions to Remarks with Session Playback

The filtering process you can utilize to slice recording lets you get incredibly granular regarding which recordings to choose. The coders have used ML (Machine Learning) to figure out patterns in session recordings, such as “excessive scrolling”, “rage clicks,” and “dead clicks.”

#4. Utilize the Insights Dashboard to See Your Website Performance

Clarity offers a dashboard of collected metrics to aid you to get a complete knowledge of your website’s traffic. You can have a look at how many people were clicking on non-available links or how many users scrolled up and down the page while searching for something they couldn’t find.

Why is it Noteworthy?

While captivating visitors to your website is the primary goal for SEOs, that traffic will not assist you in fulfilling business goals if visitors cannot figure out what they are searching for.

Being capable of identifying which parts of your imperative pages are turning visitors aways and which parts are doing well can aid you to enhance your user experience, which can lead to higher conversions.

For instance, a scroll map and heatmap data to inform your website’s design can assist in making sure that your high-quality content is center and front for your viewers.

Likewise, “rage click” data can let you make more instinctive pages. Also, stakeholders can get this information to justify design choices.

The tool is introduced to have a profound impact on page load times. However, you will wish to test this to make sure that any extra load times are not a vital aspect for your users.