Professional social networking site LinkedIn has now made it easier for jobseekers to apply for open positions by sending their LinkedIn profiles directly to potential employer.

This button, known as “Apply with LinkedIn”, enables employers to add a button to online job listings so that candidates can click on it and send their profile directly to the company. Applicants will also have a chance to personalize their information with a cover letter.

“Our goal with Apply with LinkedIn is to help every professional put their best foot forward, anywhere across the web when they take that leap to apply for a new position,” Technical Product Manager Jonathan Seitel said on the company’s blog.

What does the Apply with Linkedin Button mean for candidates?

  • An Applicant’s Linkedin profile would matter more. If Applicants are aggressively looking for jobs, it is yet another motive that a fully fleshed out and updated Linkedin profile is vital.
  • It might accelerate the whole process. If Applicants create one profile on Linkedin and then uses that profile on the internet, then there will be no need to fill out long job application forms every time.

This feature has been launched as LinkedIn attempts to keep its service in front of the curve among the competition from new social networks like Google’s Google+, which permits users to separate their contacts into a professional group.

For businesses looking to appoint, this is one of the simplest way to screen applicants. LinkedIn profiles are standardized and can be searched easily and this newly launched button only needs a small number of lines of code to put into practice. It incorporates with numerous tracking system applications as well, so several companies can just integrate the LinkedIn “Apply with LinkedIn” button, into their existing infrastructure. Photobucket, Tripit and Netflix will be some of the first companies to add this button on their websites.