LG is one of the leading global companies that deal in the electronic goods. This company has proved to be the iron bargainer in the range of Smartphone also. LG has stepped into the Smartphone manufacturing several years ago and in the latest it has launched the Smartphone LG G6. The company has launched this phone after getting the positive responses from the customers for their previous products. LG G6 is the sixth edition of the Smartphone by LG that is expected to arrive in the market by April in 2017. Hence, on the basis of the previous version and the other Smartphones of this price range, there are some of the expected features that you can get.

Attractive looks of LG G6

This phone has the full metallic construction which is coated with the thick layer of the primer mix that makes it most imperative in looks. There is no lip design at the backside which sets it apart from the previous versions of this series. There are several Amazon offers that you can use during your purchase to reduce the final cost of the mobile phone. It has a bigger display size of 5.6 inches along with true 4k display and resolution of 4096 x 2160. With such a high resolution, you can get the amazing visuals equal to that of a LED TV in your palm.

Redefined cameras

Nowadays, the customers have an inclination towards a good camera phone. This enables them to capture the pictures anytime and get them easily uploaded on their social media accounts and share it with their friends and family members. The G6 is expected to be equipped with 24 MP rear and 7 MP front-facing camera along with various other features of the camera. Some of those features include accelerometer, face detection, Panorama and autofocus.

Factors that enhance performance

It is based on Android 7.0 that is the latest android version. It has the ability to open up the different apps on the same screen in split so that user can conveniently use the desired app simultaneously.

Wireless charging transmission can also be the feature which is expected to be there in this phone. So, those who face the problem of quick battery drain out will be more benefitted from this feature. It also has the quick charging facility and reports say that it about 50% of the battery can be charged within 30 minutes.

Huge storage space

If you are a Smartphone user who likes to keep a lot of stuff in their phone and always feel the lack of storage in the phone, then this phone offers huge storage space. This device comes with 32, 64 and 128 GB internal storage and option of expandable memory of up to 128 GB as external memory. Hence, now you can get all your apps updated, add more apps and save lots of media files without lagging the Smartphone performance.

Front facing speakers

It also features the speakers that are installed in the front. So, you can get the loud and clear audio even when you have kept your phone on the desk.

Mammoth are the specs not the price

It has all the amazing features that can be expected in the low budget phone. By checking out the specifications and features of LG G6, it can be said that it is a premium Smartphone. If you are willing to get it, exploring SaveMyPocket.in can help you as it offers several discount offers and deals. But when you look at its price, you will be amused to get all these mentioned features in any other Smartphone of this price range. In India, it is available 60,000 INR including all the taxes.