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Know Why Educational Apps are Beneficial for Your Children

These days it’s pretty common for you to see very young children toying around with an adult’s smart phone.  Let’s explore the advantages of smart phone apps that are now available in increasing numbers at app stores.

  1. Available to Users 24/7/365– As opposed to school that has a fixed time period for learning, apps are available at any time as long as you are connected to the Internet. They can be accessed, downloaded and played when and where you need them.
  2. Interactive elements – Mobile apps offer users an interesting range of features for interactive activity, which can aid young learners and keep them engaged in educational games such as crossword puzzles, word-making, and spotting differences in pictures. Children who have creative skills can go for origami and colouring games. As opposed to operating these games on paper, mobile learning is more dynamic and children are keen to use new technology.
  3. Mobile learning aids in classroom performance – Using mobile apps don’t earn high marks for children, but they are a ladder to better understanding and skill development which can be reflected in real achievements. Carrying out research on future subject tests builds advance class-preparation and therefore self-confidence too.
  4. Effective utilization of leisure hours – As opposed to wasting valuable time talking on a cell phone or in front of a television,mobile learning apps serve as a brilliant alternative. When children get bored, they can easily activate an app and begin reading/playing.
  5. Becoming tech-savvy – Children learn to become more tech savvy when they use smart phones. With mobile educational apps, they can achieve this while spending valuable time learning.
  6. Learning by sharing – While you will come across some who believe mobile education harms children’s social skills, mobile apps for children have seamless integration with networking channels such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. This allows them to form their own study groups online and participate in discussions.
  7. A wide variety of apps available – There is a whole range of apps available such as those that are text-based, animated graphics, videos, info-graphics, audio-narration features, multiple-choice questions, and many others. Children are the best judge of apps that are best for them.
  8. Fun and informal – Mobile learning takes a child’s mind off the pressure to learn. It makes it fun and makes them more willing to try something new through which they stand a chance of understanding things way better with a boosted attention span.
  9. Encourages adoption of better lifestyles – As opposed to strictly educational applications available, there is also a variety of mobile applications that teach children about daily hygiene tips, dietary advice, and vital soft skill training that can inculcate knowledge, make them conscious, and responsible individuals.
  10. Systematic learning – The entire range of educational apps, from those that have mobile storytelling app to those that are subject-specific, and all systematic education. They all come with built-in databases where the stories are stored including completed assignments.

There is little doubt that anyone could cast over the benefits of mobile education apps. While there may always be critics around who argue about the disadvantages of certain types of mobile app development, the advantages and aided learning can’t be denied.

Cathrine Sareah

Cathrine Sareah is working as Content Strategist at Veztek USA, the web and apps development company. She enjoys the art of transforming ideas into an informative writing piece. With her good aesthetic sense she keeps on exploring about mobile app development los angeles. She also works for social media that makes her more versatile.

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