You know you are living in the latest technology era and it always has come bearing fruits from the IT industry. The ease of performing tasks and daily workflow is better than before. You have many internet accessing devices, with downloadable results, applications, background infrastructure and much more to thank for while you work and avoid manual work flows. This saves your time as well as money spent on resources too.

Let us talk about Kindle and iPad. These have been the best of tablets in the market. It is always convenient for the users all around the world to have the latest technology featured tablet as the competition among the companies only provides ease of use to the tablet users.

Kindle e-book reader

It has the following specs:

1)  Its price ranges from 199$ to 220$.

2)  It has a wide screen with a size of 7 inches in-plane switching display technology.

3)  It has 169 ppi pixel density with a lot more than 16m colors.

4)  It weighs around 14.6 – 15 oz.

5)  It not only supports reading material like journals, books, magazines, etc. but also supports movies, media files, songs, apps, games, etc. from Amazon.

6)  The Amazon content made for Kindle can also be used on the devices from other companies like iPhones, iPads, Blackberry phones, HTC phones,  tablets etc.

7)  You can now make sure that you keep sitting and switch on different devices like TV and computer to sync the whole Kindle data on to them.

8)  It has email option as well so that you can receive and send emails from it as well.

9)  The web browser in it is Amazon Silk, which is based on the cloud internet services.

10)  It supports Java script and flash oriented files as well.

11)  The storage space is 8 GB flash with cloud storage facility as well.

12)  Its battery time is up to 8 hours with as many open apps and workload on it.

13)  It has Wi-Fi and multitasking capabilities as well.

14)  Has the support of many different Kindle covers UK and US based. These are good for the protection and the safety of the device.

iPad from Apple

It has the following daunting yet comparative specs:

1)  Its price is almost 500 dollars.

2)  Its screen size is almost 10 inches. It has the same in-plane switching capability.

3)  It has a pixel density of 264 ppi with more than 16m colors.

4)  It is almost 58% heavier than the Kindle e-book reader with a weight of 23.04 oz.

5)  It has the same features of supporting books, journals, songs, games, apps,  magazines, etc.

6)  The Apple content cannot be synchronized on other devices.

7)  The iBook only provides synchronization facility on Apple gadgets.

8)  It has email sending and receiving facility.

9)  The internet browser is Safari.

10)  It does not support flash based apps and files.

11)  It has the same 1 GHz dual core processor.

12)  It has 16Gb and more storage with free iCloud storage.

13)  Battery time is up to 10 hours with Wi-Fi facility.

You can now decide which gadget you really want to go for as both have the same capabilities with just a huge price difference.

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This Guest post is written by Muhammad Azam, who is a freelance writer and technology blogger. He has written several posts on latest iPhone apps, gadget accessory such as kindle covers uk, cases and Smartphone safety tips.

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  1. The over all functionalities & features of both the gadgets are same still Apple iPad is more costly just because of the brand value of Apple.

  2. Apple iPad is just overhyped and overpriced, surely going to give kindle fire a try as it looks quite promising in terms of functions and price

  3. @Alina@Melissa@Ronny Thanks guys for giving your output here. iPad is still very good and i also like Kindle!! Keep reading my posts, i hope you will find more useful info regarding latest gadgets and on other new technologies

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