Apple unveiled two phones back to back a month ago; the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. It is really difficult to make a choice between the two phones as they are unbeatable. So let’s differentiate between the two.

Both have 720p Camera with high definition features. 5S has a 64-bit A7 processor M7 Coprocessor while 5C has A6 processor only. Both have a battery life of 10 hours. 5S is unique because it has a Retina Display for précised view.

The iPhone 5C is a colorful phone whose cases are interchangeable and is available at much cheaper price of only $99. iPhone 5S is obviously unbeatable for its enhanced functionality and advanced features although it is priced at $199.

If price is not a concern then one can definitely bag iPhone 5S but price is a constraint, iPhone 5C is a much better phone.


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