It seems that the month of September should be renamed and called as new iOS launch. Every September Apple unleashes its new iOS and this time Apple seems to be giving a big surprise with the launch of iPhone 5. Yes, you read it right my friend! Apple has already sent invites for a special event to be hosted in San Francisco on Sept 12, where Apple is believed to hit the news of unleashing its new iPhone 5.

Inviting media, showing a big number 12 followed by a shadow in the shape of 5, along with a text written above ‘It’s almost here’, clearly signifies the sign that on this big event, Apple would unleash its new phone that would be called as iPhone 5. The Yerba Buena Center that is used before by Apple itself for conducting events (that also included the launch of iPad) has again been chosen as the venue for this big event. It is scheduled to be held on 12th Sept at 10am (6pm, UK time).

Rumors say that the new handset would be totally redesigned with a thinner, metal and case unlike the previous iPhone set. It’s screen would be taller, but not wider. Another noticeable thing is, that Apple seems to be choosing a smaller version by ditching the familiar dock connector from this phone. Exciting news is that Apple is announcing its new phone at the time when the market is already facing a competitive atmosphere. Nokia and Microsoft are expected to introduce their new Windows phone 8 in New York, whereas Microsoft and Google have already made an announcement in the same city. HTC is also planning to release its new handsets this month. And Apple’s biggest rival Samsung has already unleashed its products in the market like Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note.

Apart from this, Announcement of Apple’s new phone would mean that the release date for iOS 6 will be set too. With September, being the favorite month for Apple to release its products in the market, like it always does for iPod’s. The Sept 2012 event might also see a new and improved iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Another good news is that we might also get to hear another announcement of the launch of new iPad that would be a 7-inch ‘mini iPad’, but unfortunately not this month, probably next month.