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iPad 4 Key Features and Tips

iPad 4 is one of the most preferred gadget in all over the world. The keyword “4” in its name refers to 4th generation iPad. Some people also call it iPad with Retina display. It was initially released in the market back in 2012. iPad is considered the most recent version of Apple and is less expensive.

Actually, Apple is continuously looking for its latest versions with slight up-gradations. Previous versions had fewer features, however, further improvements came in new versions. Some of the improvements include hardware, processor, lightning, flash, SD card, memory, storage, interface, looks, thickness/thinness, size, and much more. iPad 4 has not come into the market with any change in design as well as iOS. However, it has introduced many new things and fixed the errors and bugs. As compared to all previous versions, this device version of Apple is being liked by numerous users and it has given them a lot of revenue as compared to any other previous iPad product.

Core features and a few usage tips of iPad 4 are mentioned below:

  • Superb Operating System

Whenever any mobile device or hardware is discussed, the very first thing, which strikes one’s mind, is operating system. Operating system is the core operator of any complex structure. For Apple products, normally iOS operating systems are being used and the same is used in this iPad 4 i.e. iOS 6. However, in previous versions, iOS 5 or 4 were used.

  • Small Screen Size

Many mobile users usually prefer screen size. The smaller and soft screen is more usable. Except iPad mini, all versions of Apple iPad comprise of 9.7 inch LED.

  • Fast CPU

All previous versions of iPad consist of 1GHZ processor but this latest version of iPad 4 is having 1.6 GHZ processor, which is responsible for its fast speed and more accurate results.

  • Maximum RAM

RAM is the prime component for every smart device because it helps in storing huge data. RAM of iPad 4 is 1GB, which is separate from SD card memory.

  • Awesome Camera

Without camera, users prefer no mobile device. This iPad 4 version of Apple comprises of two cameras i.e. front and rear. Front camera is 1.2 Mega Pixels and rear one is 5 Mega Pixels. However, both are providing tremendous results to mobile users.

  • Best WiFi

Wi-Fi support is widely available in iPad 4 using the top most 802/11 a/b/g/n standard.

  • Mind Blowing Battery

In previous versions of iPad, Apple had provided 25-watt hour battery to the users but this version is available with 42.5-watt hour battery, which is, undoubtedly, a tremendous step taken towards the enhancement of the usability.

  • Design

Design is something one can never compromise on. From out shape, iPad 4 seems similar to that of iPad 3, which was just similar to iPad 2. iPad 4 consists of aluminum unibody and does not have any look or touch similar to anodized body, which is used in iPad mini or iPhone 5.

  • Performance

Due to fantastic processor, its performance is better and quite fast as compared to the previous iPad versions. iPad 4 consists of quad-core processor providing storage extension up to more than 64 GB to users along with awesome usability. Moreover, watching videos, movies, and playing games have become extremely easy with iPad 4. It not only supports general video formats but also facilitates the users with more advanced formats including mkv, flv, HD, etc.

  • Browsing

No doubt, iPad 4 has made browsing extremely comfortable and effortless. Rendering web pages, launching various applications, booting up, and adopting numerous other tasks has become effortless through iPad 4.

Be Careful while using

You need to be careful while using iPad 4 especially in the case of security features or battery mishaps. Do not overcharge it because it is very delicate to use and as far as security is concerned, if you will not keep your screen locked, the call may be dialed any time with touch sensitivity. Thus, focus on taking care of the sensitivity of your touch. The most caring component of iPad 4 is its LCD. Therefore, you should provide extra care to your iPad 4 LCD because of its delicate and thin manufacturing.

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