Do you still send invoices to your customers for each order manually? If yes, then you should check out Invoicera’s integration with Magento to automate and speed up your checkout process.

Invoicera, a well-known online invoicing and billing solution provider has recently integrated their services with Magento to enhance their application’s functionality and allows Magento store owners to set up proficient and customized stores that will suit their eCommerce necessities as well as that of their customers. This service is available for free and Magento store owners can add greater value to their own online store that may not have been possible otherwise. If you want a professional online store and want to boost up your sales and to make a healthier relationship with your customers, then this extension is for you.

You can create and send professional invoices to your customers with Invoicera in real-time as they place an order in your store. A simple Magento extension can do wonders for your sales if you are selling a product on your eCommerce store.

Invoicera’s  Magento Extension would also enable Magento store owners to create and send invoices in their own customize invoice format which can easily be customized in their Invoicera account with Invoicera’s customize template feature rather than Magento’s standard invoice format.

What you can do with Magento Extension?

  • Easy installation with no files to change/upload.
  • Orders are imported effortlessly and in real-time.
  • Save your orders as Invoices in Invoicera.
  • Cut the amount of time spent on tracking and entering data from hours to seconds.
  • Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and see results immediately.

Speaking about the extension, Mr. Manish Chauhan, AM-Marketing, said, “Invoicing your customer is of great significance for any Magento store owner and has a direct impact on the user’s trading experience on the online store. With this Invoicera’s Magento extension, Magento store owners can revolutionize how the world views your online store”.