Subject to some undecipherable reasons, a headphone firm: Marshall Headphones, opened a new product line with the release of its Android phone.

Pronounced as London, this set is basically designed for people who #liveformusic. It is a pretty standard set with 4G LTE, 720p display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and an 8-megapixel camera. It’s firmed to be a stealing away the market share by it’s ground breaking technology.


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As per its site, London “might just be the loudest phone on Earth” with two-front facing speakers. It supports dual headphone jack, which makes this set more engaging as you and your pal can watch movies or listen to music together, without the need for a dongle.

#Marshall also touted an Audio Hub ‘Wolfson WM8281’ which is exclusively dedicated to audio playback at a ‘higher resolution.’ The set comes with an ‘M’ button on the top that opens your favorite music app instantly. As of now, the set comes in only in matte-black and the device features its classic gold detailing on the buttons and volume rocker.

Marshall on the software side, runs on #Android 5.0.2, and comes pre-loaded with a special global audio equalizer along with a special DJ app to get your mixing on.


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Anyone, who is fanatic about music and is craving long for such a set; this could just be the device for him. There may be fair chances that Marshall isn’t creating these sets by itself and tied with a manufacturer to accomplish it. But, nevertheless, these sets have enough mettle to break some stereotypes.

It retails for 4,995 Swedish Krona (about $585) and you can pre-order one now, though it won’t arrive until at least August 17.