When it comes to operating a business successfully, creating invoice and tracking daily activities often creates a lot of trouble for businesses. However, if you are having a user friendly, robust and flexible accounting and bookkeeping tool at your disposal, you surely need not worry. In the wake of present hyper competitive and dynamic working conditions, it has now become imperative for the business owners to keep their financial records well-organized and stay up-to-date. This is exactly what Instant Invoice n Cashbook is good at. Business owners should consider using the features and services provided by Instant Invoice n Cashbook. The same are explained in detail below.

Why Business Owners Should Go For Instant Invoice n Cashbook ?

To begin with, Instant Invoice gives you a great deal out of your time. It can get the business running within minute’s altogether and manages comprehensively your invoicing related needs. Instant Invoice 10 manages all of the quotations – estimates or proposals, customer statements and related requirements. It is a highly resourceful product for businesses which are not registered to bill or collect taxes, businesses with a single or double levels of tax (for instances – state and federal tax). Instant Invoice is designed to be highly simple and self explanatory and does not put any pressure on you for its maintenance and up gradations.

Cashbook is a bookkeeping application which allows the working professionals to keep a track of their daily activity in terms of finance. All you need to do is add bank or cash payment and other receipt transactions daily and you get instant option for viewing, taking a print out, or emailing the reports – transaction reports, sales reports, income and expenses or profit and loss reports, bank and cash reports, tax reports and a lot more.

Together, these applications make the entire financial accounting process really easy for you, even if you do not hail from the accounting background.

Exceptional Customer Support

Customer care and support services provided by Instant invoice n cashbooks are simply unmatchable. You get a customer support staff, available for you anytime, round the clock. Their seasoned and experienced customer support team has helped many businesses streamline their operations.

The registered users also get help desk support on priority basis, absolutely free and the customer support package can be further renewed after the completion of one year at minimal prices.

Run through their Frequently Asked Questions, as it is more likely that you problem will already have a solutions over there, if not, hit them with any query and they will answer it ASAP.

The Practical Utilization of This Application

The Instant Invoice n Cashbook enables you to –
– Keep a track of outstanding invoices and customer payments
– Send invoices and estimates as a PDF attachments in your mails
– Instant tools for your preview print and mail the reports and charts.
– Insert the PayPal links while mailing the invoices to allows customers to immediately pay you across internet.
– Preparation of simple yet thorough financial reports.
– Easy management and preparation of recurring invoices.
– Options for adding your logo in the invoices.
– It allows you to export the list of customers and products from MS Excel, MS Outlook Express Address book, text files and other formats.

Cloud Version of Instant Invoice n Cashbook

Businesses now require the working professionals to be constantly on the move, in order to grow and expand their business and explore hither to unexplored possibilities. If you have a staff which required travel in and out of town ever quite frequently or a stuff which insists upon working from home and need to access the data, all the time, a pragmatic and smart solution which lies with you the on the cloud version of Invoice and Cashbook. All you need to have, in order to access the cloud based version is an internet or wi-fi connection and any internet enables devices – be it computer, laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, hand help, tablets and etc.

The Gainful Attributes of Opting for Cloud Version of Instant Invoice and Cashbook

1. Omnipresence

The cloud based instant invoice and cashbook gives you the liberty to access the same from any where, be it sitting in a café, at an eating outlet, waiting for your flight in the airport, from your home – just any which place that you can think of. If you have the in house staff which is constantly required to be on the move, or work from home etc, this is the best application catering to all such requirements.

2. Security Against Theft or Breakage

After all the laptops break down, the hard discs can be stolen / misplaced at any odd point of time, but if you access invoice n cashbook through a cloud based system, you can be rest assured that any information which you fed in the data, will remain there in a protected data centre, no mater what. Even if your personal computer / laptop are under a fix, you can resume to your work without any delay at any (internet enabled) work station.

3. Backup Not Required

It is no longer obligatory for you to maintain a back-up of your data and restore the databases in order to include and synchronize any addition of new data across various computers.

4. Flexibility and Optimum User Management

When you select Instant Invoice n Cashbook in the cloud version, you get to enjoy the option of working in a single user environment. It also allows multiple users to connect and streamline their work. With the cloud based feature, you can easily control multiple users permissions with respect to the program and the database.

5. Simple Ways to Turn Back to Standalone Version

If in case due to some reason you no longer wish to continue with the cloud based Instant Invoice and Cashbooks, you have the option of turning back to the old PC settings. All you have to do is backup the entire data on the server, download the same on your personal computer and restore the same.

The BottomLine

We would highly recommend Instant Invoice n Cashbook for all business owners. We can also say that we have personally begun to use this service and we are extremely happ and satisfied so far with the amazing services provided by this software. As we said before, if you are considering becoming a small business owner or starting your own home business or even an online business, get started with this accounting and bookkeeping software, from there, Instant Invoice n Cashbook will take care of it all or if you are looking for a cost-effective and effecient solution for your home business, small business or mid-sized business that streamlines your workflow and moves accounting beyond excel sheet chores, then Instant Invoice n Cashbook is definitely for you.