Recently, HTC and Apple were involved in a lawsuit concerning a patent argument. Today, Bloomberg declared an exciting twist in the on-going patent argument flanked by Apple and Smartphone makers which supports Google’s Android OS. Bloomberg report says that HTC today filed a fresh patent lawsuit in opposition to Apple and customized a previous objection with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), using nine patents newly acquired from Google.

The five patents which are used in the latest lawsuit were originally owned by Motorola but were passed to Google last year only before being giving to HTC. Google is presently trying to attain Motorola Mobility.

The nine patents derived with Motorola, Openwave Systems Inc. and Palm Inc. with Google taking rights from the last year as per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office evidences. Mountain View, California-based Google traced the passing of the patents to HTC on 1st September as per the agency’s website.

HTC now has more ammunition in its battle to fend off several patent-contravention alleges lodged by Apple that compete Smartphone operating on Google’s Android OS replica the iPhone. Google’s participation in helping HTC shows a new face in a business wide clash over Smartphone technology that has also fascinated Samsung Electronics, Barnes & Noble Inc. and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. Android users.

In adding up, the other 5 patents which were included to the previous ITC complaint were initially created at Openwave Systems and Palm before the patents were attained by Google. Google then shifted those patents to HTC last week only. Apple has however yet to file an official complaint against Google concerning the patent but does have a continuing violation case awaiting against Motorola Mobility on the issue.

This patent dispute appears to get more exciting by the day!