HP’s PC selling may be up in the air presently but that does not indicate that we won’t spot any more HP notebooks. HP today declared the modernized DM1 notebook with innovative fresher look.

DM1 notebook will start at $599 and comes with either an AMD E-series processor (with the AMD configuration which is going to be launched on 2nd October) or with an Intel 2G Core processor or AMD models will also comprise additional AMD Radeon HD discreet graphics.

The laptop will come with 11.6-inches LED screen; weighs about 3.5 lbs and its thickness will be slight less than one inch. The DM1 is finished with an extraordinary kind of soft-touch rubber which will be more durable. DM1 comes with a HP TrueVision(HD2) web cam front and middle for video chat and comes packed with Beats Audio to enhance the quality of audio.

On the whole, DM1 Notebook will be suitable for those who are light on their feet. If you are a college student or if you travel regularly, this may be the right choice for you. One more additional feature that will absolutely come in handy for those on-the-go users is HP’s ProtectSmart feature. It has a built-in accelerometer that discovers when the notebook is dropped or bumped and then it instantly stops its hard disk, expected saving many valuable files.