Want to know how to increase followers on Instagram? The first trick is to follow relevant users. If you do so, there are possibilities to get real Instagram followers!

With over 200M active monthly users sharing 1.6B likes and 60M images per day, Instagram has become one of the most prevalent social networking websites globally.

Isn’t it awesome? The engagement rate for businesses on maximum social networks is less than 0.1%. However, Instagram blows them away. The standard Instagram engagement rate for brands is 4.7%.

Instagram Engagement Benchmark

You cannot fight with figures like that. Nevertheless, that’s just ordinary. And I am sure that you don’t wish to be ordinary! It’s not your goal or dream when you can do much better.

But, do you know how to get more followers on Instagram? Well, there are a lot of tricks for the same. Today, I have come up with some hacks to boost your followers on Instagram. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram? 10 Amazing Hacks!

1. Optimize your Account on Instagram

Before you find out how to increase Instagram followers, one of the most crucial actions is to completely optimize your account. Consider the bio of your brand as the “homepage” of your account.

Without a bio, profile image, an apt image, or image caption, how will users recognize the account relates to your company? It may appear apparent, but on Instagram, your photo and bio help build the grounds of your brand individuality.

The link you mention on your Instagram bio drives Instagram traffic to your website; thus, optimizing your account is necessary.

Suppose you are unsure where to link, attempt product or marketing pages that associate with distinct keywords, campaigns, or hashtags on your Instagram account.

2. Maintain a Constant Content Calendar

The most dangerous task you can perform when striving to get free followers on Instagram is to publish random content at irregular, unexpected times.

What you should do is to keep a consistent posting schedule. Generally, brands should not post over a few times per day to avoid spam. However, whatever your flow, keep it steady.

Approximately 200M Instagram users log in every day to spread your net yet wider and attempt posting a few times during the entire day. The below image shows the best times to post to Instagram:

Instagram Global Engagement

Image Source

3. Schedule or Plan Instagram Publish in Advance

While Instagram shows you the content, you desire, posting at a suitable time can still provide your posts with higher visibility by improving the complete engagement they get.

By scheduling posts in advance, your team can view schedules and campaigns more effectively. It is smart to develop content beforehand to reach your user-base and keep a steady stream of content simultaneously.

Instagram Scheduling

Scheduling Instagram posts lets you post more usually. It’s simpler to build various posts at a time. This implies that you can boost engagement on your Instagram profile.

When you post more frequently, you encourage engagement. Your audience will see more posts from you, which means more brand exposure. It also creates more opportunities for them to comment and interact with your posts.

This can even assist you in getting more followers. In case you are continuously posting content and advertising posts, you will draw more users to your page. This is one of the most significant ways to enhance your followers and get more relevant leads.

4. Get Brand Advocates to Publish Your Content

When you’re discovering how to get more followers on Instagram, it’s essential to understand your user-base’s importance. The higher your follower count expands (organically), the more users and enthusiastic audiences you will hold.

The most reliable method to gain consumers to follow you is to go in front of them, as well as be present. It’s crucial to be available on your personal Instagram and others.

Attempt sponsoring user-generated content to bring your brand into users’ feeds. Besides, you can perform Instagram contests to take your brand out to a broader customer.

These sorts of campaigns develop social proof by displaying your fans are consumed enough to post your content or develop their own UGC.
The other approach is to bring your account in front of a larger audience. Strive to operate with more massive Instagram accounts in your business, like striking influencers in your area, to distribute your post to their customers.

5. Avoid False Instagram Followers

There’s a tremendous variation between an Instagram account holding fraudulent and reliable followers. It may appear alluring to simply buy Instagram followers. However, the reaction outweighs the benefits of an organic follower increase.

Fake Instagram followers lead to:

  • Trick New Followers: If customers come to an idle Instagram feed having thousands of followers, it is going to lower the account’s reliability. Don’t fool users into following you. Develop belief and long-lasting associations for greater engagement.
  • Have no ROI: Buying followers might appear more comfortable, but your obtained unmanned or bot new followers will not be buying anything. Folks follow the account on Instagram for a purpose–they want to know about your organization. These are real spenders and carry a monetary cost to your business.
  • Build Little-to-no Buzz: In case you possess 10,000 fake followers, then what do you think how many of them will like, comment, and share your post? These fake or bot accounts will be swept up by Instagram, removed, and make your content look like engagement cemeteries.

Genuine people can like, comment, share and engage with your posts. Moreover, these users get engaged more when someone is responding to the other side.

6. Display your Instagram Everywhere

How will users discover your account unless you advertise your Instagram? Ensure your Instagram is registered with your site and multiple social networks.

Building visibility and recognition are the most reliable means to get noticed. If you genuinely wish to acquire more Instagram followers, allow users to understand where to discover you.

Besides, you could combine social media keys to your blog and website to help promote social shares across all your networks as well as show people where to find you on Instagram.

The other good concept is to cross-advertise all across your social media handles.

Nevertheless, ensure that you are not only inquiring for a follow. Rather you need to try to advertise different content on your Instagram to give users a purpose to follow you.

Luckily, with Instagram combining several new content and video traits, such as Reels, IGTV, and Stories, you hold an excellent chance to create followers via creative content.

7. Post Content Your Followers Wish

Post Content

While this is simpler stated than performed, it is intelligent to determine what content or post your followers desire to view. You will swiftly discover that some content works better than others. Therefore, testing is so valuable.

Whether captions, content types, filters, or post times, the tiniest information can create all the difference. It would help if you kept yourself updated with the latest Instagram trends to understand you are publishing popular content.

8. Locate Hashtags That Convert

It is the most tried-and-true means to increase followers on Instagram. Yes, I am talking about the right usage of hashtags. For years they have served as a vital utility for finding and enabled us to increase our social reach.

As an advertiser, you aspire to develop your community by acquiring followers and hashtags give just that.

Discover hashtags that users in your target customers are perhaps to check. In case a suitable connection is executed, these people will be more convenient to follow your handle. Unique and branded hashtags are one method to group posts encompassing hyper-suitable content to your campaigns and brand.

Make sure that comprehending how your hashtags function on Instagram is as crucial as utilizing them.

9. Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy

Last but not least, while making your Instagram followers pleased, you understand the payoff in users’ growth. I’ve provided you with lots of hacks for scheduling and brainstorming content, so set them into usage in such a way that seems authentic to your brand voice. Avoid appearing inadequate, robotic, or sales-driven.

For multiple accounts, this indicates a mixture of posts that are legalized designed to carry a smile to the faces of your followers and develop customer relationships.

Do not neglect to deliver content to the followers like they are your friends. This may involve inspirational content, posting memes, or only re-sharing impressive pictures or artwork (all adequately credited) that can provide your followers with a bit of psychic pick-up throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

Increasing your Instagram handle can usually appear difficult. However, if you pursue the best techniques and approaches, you can increase Instagram followers in 2021!

Remember, it’s a blend of creative content, aiming for the apt audiences, and advertising your business properly. Try out a few of these tricks in 2021 and view how many followers you are getting.

If you have any questions, then mention them in the comment section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do I Get 10K Followers on Instagram?

A1: Here some amazing tips for gaining 10K Instagram Followers devoid of buying them:

  1. Stay on brand.
  2. Be active.
  3. Be genuine and honest.
  4. Don’t follow to get followed.
  5. Publish timely content.
  6. Don’t brag too much.
  7. Recognize influencers and communicate with them.

Q2: How Can I get 1000 Followers Fast?

A2: Below are the steps to get 1000 followers on Instagram:

  1. Generate content for your target user-base.
  2. Build a constant feed aesthetic.
  3. Don’t ever compromise with your content quality.

Q3: What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

A3: Usually, the best times to publish on Instagram are lunchtime (11 am-1 pm) and evenings (7-9 pm). Rather than posting when you are at your desk, program Instagram posts throughout the workday, so you do not have to bother about it through your free time!

Q4: 10 Reasons Your Instagram Account Isn’t Growing

A4: Following are the reasons:

  • You are not posting the appropriate frequency.
  • You are not socializing.
  • You are creating a poor first experience.
  • You are writing good captions.
  • You seem fake.
  • You are misusing hashtags.
  • You are promoting it too much.
  • You are inconsistent.