“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson

Well said!

Running your business and making it a hit in the cutthroat market competition isn’t a cakewalk. However, implementing the best business strategies and promoting it on a well-recognized platform can take your business to the next level.

Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about Facebook.

If you have landed up here while searching for “how to create a Facebook business page,” or “why your business needs a Facebook business page,” congratulations, you are at the right place.

Nevertheless, instead of directly jumping on its process or the significance, let’s have a quick overview of it.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

It is a perfect place to develop a robust relationship between your brand and the target audience. Whether you’re nurturing prospects, responding to customers’ feedback, giving any information, or simply sharing the content, a Facebook business page is one of the most significant online podiums to plant your flag. There are some general statistics about Facebook that you must know:

If you need a statistic to comprehend the significance of using Facebook, this is it. No platform provides such reach.

  • Facebook is 3rd Most Visited Site Globally

After Google and YouTube, Facebook comes in the third position. When people devote time online, there is an apt change they are spending it on Facebook.

  • 5th Most Downloaded Free App in the App Store

After YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger, Facebook captures the 5th position. This shows how significant the platform has become.

How to Create a Business Page on Facebook?

Before you set up a Facebook business page, it’s crucial to log into your Facebook account. That doesn’t mean that your personal information will be visible to your business page.

Step 1: Sign up

  • First, go to facebook.com>>pages>>create.
  • Choose page type, i.e., brand or community/ business/ public figure.

    Note: We are assuming that you want to create a Facebook business account.

  • Then, click on Get Started.
  • Now, put in your business details.

    Tip: Set up the page name as your business name.

  • For category, give one or two words that describe your business, and you get suggestions on Facebook.
  • Fill in all the required details, including address, phone number, and more.
  • Once you are ready, hit the Continue button.

Step 2: Add Pictures

  • Upload your profile, as well as the cover image. It’s imperative to build a good visual impression, so pick wisely here.

    Tip: Your profile image should align with your business or brand.

  • As soon as you’ve selected a profile picture, upload it.
  • Now, pick a cover image, which expresses your brand personality and captures the spirit of your brand.
  • After uploading your cover photo, add a cover photo screen.

Step 3: Get Your Username

Your username, which is known as your vanity URL, helps users to find your business or brand on Facebook.

Note: It can max out at 50 characters long.

  • Click on Create Page @Username to create your vanity URL.
  • Next, the “Create Page Username” dialog
  • Click on Create Username as soon as you’re done.
  • Finally, you will get a dialog box displaying, “You’re all set!”

Step 4: Add Your Business Information

Since a lot of customers go to your Facebook page to get details about your business, make sure you add all the necessary information to it.

To begin, click on Edit Page Info. From this screen, share all the vital information about your business, including:

  • Description
  • Categories
  • Contact
  • Location
  • Hours

Note: It should be a short description that seems in search results. It should be a couple of sentences up to 255 characters.

Click on the Save Changes button available under each section to save all the changes.

Step 5: Tell Your Story

Are you done filling in all the details while creating your business page for Facebook? Want to tell people more about it? Fortunately, there is a section to add a longer description for your Facebook business page. To access it, hit ‘See More’, click on ‘About’, and finally, on ‘Our Story’ available on the right-hand side.

Here you can tell customers about your brand and why they should follow or like your page.

Put a headline and your story, followed by a picture update. Click on the Publish button once you’re done.

Why You Should Create a Facebook Business Page?

Image Source

Facebook is one of the broadly used social media platforms; this is why a lot of businesses have already created a business page on Facebook. Not only there is a huge audience to reach, but multiple methods to promote. Here are some additional advantages you must know.

1. Discover About the Target Audience

A Facebook business page offers you a method to interact directly with your user-base. Your customers are there since they know about your company and wish to comprehend more. While they are predicting to get helpful details from your business Facebook page, you can even collect information from them via their participation.

Besides, Facebook Insights offer helpful details about your target user-base and their communications on your page.

2. Humanizes Your Organization

Social connections and authentic interactions are integral sections of social media, and Facebook provides you a chance to affix a name, face, and individuality to your brand name.

Though your Facebook page might signify your organization, it even lets you illustrate the human side of your commerce via personal tidbits, one-on-one communications, and non-business interaction.

3. Create a Community

When you create a Facebook business page, it helps you to collect your users, fans, and prospects to offer reviews, voice concerns, offer feedback and share opinions. You can develop a community on your page in multiple ways, including:

  • Posting helpful, applicable, and appealing links
  • Inquiring fans to add with comments
  • Systematizing contests and advertisement
  • Giving a place to give reviews, as well as other feedback
  • Providing discounts for actions on the page

In case the Facebook business page you create productively brings users together, you can build a faithful following that will persist growing.

  • Facebook is Fruitful for SEO

Facebook can be a successful means to bring traffic to your website, as well as blogs. Your links, posts, and additional activities that are enclosed on your Facebook page can provide you an SEO enhancement if indexed by search engines.

With the velocity of social media and innovative weight being appended to details shared via social channels, a Facebook page packed with affluent content pertinent to your brand can aid you to increase your search engine rankings.

  • Your Competition Already Has One

Doing somewhat merely because your competitors are doing it isn’t a proper method. However, when we talk about social media, not having a presence on social networks or Facebook page can snatch a lot of good opportunities from you, particularly if your competitors are utilizing it in a good way.

Several of your users are searching for this sort of social communication, so if you are not giving it to them, you lay behind.

  • Get in Front of Your Customers and Clients Daily

A lot of users on Facebook visit the website every day, so frequent status updates, shared videos and links, and additional details provide you an opportunity to connect with your users every day.

2.4B users access Facebook as of 2019, and a mounting number of users are utilizing the website to discover brands, services, and products to resolve their everyday issues. Facebook with other social media networks makes it effortless for potential users to locate you, making it possible for them to know your brand.

Consequently, a branded business page on Facebook can be a robust method to grow your reach, as well as boost awareness of your business digitally.

Benefits of Facebook Groups for Businesses

While trying to build your Facebook Page, you need to work on adding value to your content. One of the finest ways to do so is by joining Facebook groups. There are a lot of Facebook groups.

Facebook groups have healthier discussions since all group members are free to post about their common passion or interest.

Here, you can gain new learnings, as well as inspiration to improve your business.

Since it’s a targeted audience, the complete information will be quite useful to give customized solutions.

Besides, Facebook Groups help you to get the latest updates related to your business or services.

5 Key Do’s and Don’ts While Creating Facebook Business Account

Now, as you know how to create a Facebook business page and what its benefits are, you need to know all the dos and don’ts while building it. No wonder it has a massive user-base and can aid you in finding new customers.

However, doing marketing on Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To assist you through multiple hurdles on Facebook, here are some quick tips that you must follow for results.


  • You must utilize the Facebook Insights feature

The insight tool of Facebook displays the number of users who view and make a click on your posts. Evaluate these insights to learn what engages your audience.

  • Always use a profile picture that displays your organization perfectly

Similar to personal accounts, Facebook exhibits business page profile photos as a tiny icon after your posts, all over where your content appears.

  • Synchronize your cover picture with your marketing campaigns

Cover photos occupy striking space at your business profile’s top. Make sure that you change them often to replicate existing events, campaigns, sales, or promotions.

  • Choose the proper time of posting

As per some studies, posting between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. is the perfect window to attain maximum visibility. The ideal window of your company might vary, relying on the content you’re going to share and your target audience.

  • Consider Facebook’s ad-targeting for higher business

Facebook’s ad-targeting competencies are a few of the finest in the business. Your ads reach the perfect audience with a small budget too.


  • Don’t be excessively promotional

Instead of going too promotional, grow your user-base with an informational, culture-oriented, and self-promotional post on your Facebook business page.

  • Do not let the ‘About’ section of your organization blank

The “About” section shouldn’t be blank and include, at least, your website with a phone number. Adding store hours, inviting copy, and more will aid your page to become even more effective.

  • Posting too much is bad

Be reverential and well-mannered. Resolving a user complaint through Facebook displays your present and potential clients that you’re ready to serve while going the extra mile.

  • Don’t ignore or delete posts

The Newsfeed algorithm of Facebook is developed to deject posting too often. Consider Facebook as a community space and think if you exceed the feed of your followers, they will block or unlike your page.

  • Don’t publish low-quality pictures

As Facebook is a visual space, good quality images are necessary. Web graphics don’t need high resolution like print media, but make sure that pictures are in focus, collected attractively, and pertinent to your post.

Final Thoughts

Comprehending the potential marketing value of Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg. To leverage its benefits, you must know-how, what, and when to strategize and post.

Remember, keeping up with continuous demand for social media needs dedication and teamwork.

You may feel persuaded to take shortcuts. Never do that!

Instead, focus on building as good a Facebook business page as you can.

Fans matter, but only when they are dedicated to your business and focused on what you want to display.

Besides, it is not only about search results and likes on Facebook. It’s about delivering rock-solid customer solutions. Create a business Facebook page and follow the above-mentioned steps to get maximum reach.