Google introduced a new verification badge service, making it so celebs, public figures and those who have cumulative huge numbers of people added in their circles now can bear out their individualities with a check mark and a small banner that will be displayed next to their names.

As per the Google+ blog post from Google+ team member Wen-Ai Yu, “We are functioning on growing this to more individuals.”


The badges are fundamentally grey Twitter-type check mark that enlarge to say ‘verified name’ when you hover over them. People who don’t yet have a verified account should ‘hang tight’, Yu says.

So every time you visit a public personality, you will perceive a badge next to their profile name which means the individual who is using this account has conceded through Google’s verification process.

This service along with Google‘s insistence that user accounts would be accessed under a real name, intends to guarantee public that “the individual which you are going to add in your circle is actually who they declare to be.”

But Google is not restricting the practice just to the wealthy and well-known persons; in case you are a well-liked user on the Google+ networking website then you may also have to authenticate your account.