Google has stopped working on its $182 million acquirement of Slide as it has shifted gears towards its social networking efforts to Google+, which is gaining popularity these days all over the world.

The social apps corporation will be suspended, according to AllThingsD. Slide creator and Google VP Max Levchin will be exiting the company as a consequence.

“Max has resolute to quit Slide and Google to practice other prospects, and we wish him the best,” a Google representative said in a statement. “Most of the team from Slide will continue at Google to work on other prospects.” Google has made a decision to halt most of Slide’s applications with the exception of social contest site

In 2005, Levchin started Slide after selling his previous corporation PayPal to eBay due to fewer profit margins. At its climax, Slide was at its best in social networking market with applications such as SuperPoke, Fortune Cookie and Fun Wall. Unluckily, companies like Zynga wrap its boom and damaged its control. In August 2008, slide was purchased by Google to compete up with Facebook.

Ever since then, Slide has functioned as an autonomous application, introducing apps such as and group-texting app Disco. None of its apps have expanded conventional grip however, and with Larry Page reformation of functions and gambling the farm on Google+, there was no requirement for Slide.