If you are a dynamic user of Google’s Picasa photo management tools or their Blogger blogging platform, you should get ready for a change. News has broken that Google is going to change those names from the products. This move is a part of the Google+ service, which seems to be leading to a rebranding of Google’s online tools.

Blogger and Picasa will not be shut down; however, these two platforms are among the most popular brands for the search engine giant. Google will simply rename these two brands to “Google Blogs” and “Google Photos” respectively. It is whispered that these two are the first of many services to get the Google re-branding treatment.

The total rebranding is due to take place over the next six weeks. This time table will likely align with the full public roll out of Google+, which is supposed to be by the end of this month. It’s important to keep that date in mind, as it will be the day when private Google profiles will be deleted.

The grouping of this service with Google+ makes sense. While Google+ has a photo service already, it is easy to notice that it is incorporated with Picasa and Picasa’s technology. The Instant Upload feature of the Google+ Android application uploads to Google+ and Picasa concurrently. It would make sense to drop the branding and unite the two platforms publicly.

The rebranding effort would be a natural move on Google’s part, particularly because Google is focusing all its hard work on becoming a social product going forward. This approach is also successful since any segment of Google can be used independently or in combination with other Google products, which is something Facebook does not supports.