If you notice a banner ad and feel like sharing it with your friends, Google will soon permit you to accomplish that. In the first week of October, Google will fix +1 buttons to ads in its Google Display Network. Desktop and Mobile banner ad units across the network will hold the Google +1 button, which is the counterpart of Facebook’s “Like” button. That means that users will be capable to suggest these banner ads to their friends on Google+.

At any time a user recommends a banner ad to others, and then it will have a greater possibility of displaying up when their friends visit that Web page which is served by the Google Display Network.

By enabling others to share your banner ads on Google+, you will be proficient to spread out your reach and this will permit your customers to discuss about your ads with others and this can lead to more revenue generation. Suggestion from friends are a trusted resource of guidance and +1 interpretation on Google search will assist to boost up the recommendations at the time of conclusion which can generate more qualified traffic for your business website.

A social support will be served despite of whether a user has +1’d an ad, content page or search result. “A single +1 applies to the same content across the web, doesn’t matter where it gets displayed,” Oliveira added.

Google will launch this new product at the beginning of next month but announced it now to provide publishers, users and advertisers an option to choose prior to its launch.