Last week, Google posted an amazing teaser video for Google Wallet featuring George Costanza. The implication: Google Wallet would finally launch soon.

As you can perceive in the above image, documentation is being sent around to partners stating a Google wallet will be launched on September 19. We have heard from others that this is precise. And it also lines up adequately with NFC World Congress, which kicks off tomorrow in the French Riviera. Google is not listed as a speaker or exhibitor at the event, but their main partner MasterCard is the official sponsor.

Back in May when Google Wallet and Offers were at first revealed, Google stated that field trials for Wallet would begging right away and that an authorized launch would come this summer. Preliminary reports indicated that launch date will be 1st September. Technically, summer lasts until September 22, so it looks like Google will hit their deadline with a few days to spare.

While this will be the official launch, the product itself to be expected still to be quite limited. The only officially compatible phone will be the Nexus S 4G, which is only accessible on Sprint in the U.S. Google has an NFC sticker product to bring tap-and-pay to other phones, but it is still not clear if that is going to be launched or not. Hardware to facilitate the payments on the merchant end is also required. And again, MasterCard has been the only official collaborator on the credit card side of things so far. Possibly, Google will have more to say on that tomorrow. But the above documentation still points to PayPass-enabled Citi MasterCards as the only method to employ the service for now.