You might anticipate that social media celebrities to be giving effective high fives and tweeting with gladness at the thought of a suggested users list on Google+. It is an approach which is meant for fresh users which means more followers.

While Google launched the suggested users list late last week, web celebrities have been exchanging words not in favor of it. Famous Tech blogger and analyst Robert Scoble even asked to be removed from it, quoting more than 10 reasons the move made logic for him.

“I completely know why Google launched this list,” Scoble said. “It just is not a well curated list and so I don’t want my name associated with it.”

Robert Scoble pointed out that Paris Hilton made the list, further stimulating his interpretation. Though, Google+ VP of Product Bradley Horowitz said that improved and detailed personalization functionality will be launched soon but presently, it permits Google+ users in diverse areas and languages get diverse references but the objective is to develop into more topic base.

One more worry is that users who are having fewer followers are making astonishing assistance to the Google+ community will be unnoticed.

This suggested user list was not formed for older users like the ones quoted here. Somewhat, it emerges for fresh users to assist them to get adapted to this new service. It depends on them to pay no attention to it or utilize it as a direction for discovering new accounts which they want to follow.

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  1. Robert scoble is kind of a self-important douchebag. I had him on g+ for a while because he covered some topics that interest me… But then I realized he mainly just talks about subjects as a way to promote himself and obviously it works. This article is a perfect example of that.

  2. All of these social networks should take note that ANY service they offer integrated with the network should have an on button and an off button. Why is this so commonly overlooked?

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