Apple the creator of iOS has for sometime been using Google Maps application in its devices but then decided to create its own new map application. The decision to make its own application was made on the June of 2012. However, this decision hit hard on Apple as it was not easy task to come with their own maps application considering that they had no direction on how to advance on this matter.

ios maps vs google maps

 Google has been able to outsmart Apple in reference to the issue of Maps application in various aspects one of which is the interface of their application. The Google Maps application provides a smooth interface. This interface provides users with an easy to swipe application that shows them their requested directions. The map action is also fast such that, users can search for various locations within a short time as compared to Apple Maps. The other useful bit about the interface of the Google Maps is that, they are simple to get along with and thus the increased use. For instance, they can be able to tap a specified location on their Maps and then zoom in to get more details about the location that they are searching.

The aspect of quick response as seen in the Google Maps is something that has made users accomplish multiple searches in few taps as compared to Apple Maps. This is something that puts Google way ahead of Apple in this game bearing in mind that, users are always on the lookout for efficiency and reliability before anything else in an application. Although Apple seems to be faster when it comes to giving search results, Google on the other hand has been able to bit this challenge by providing lots of information to its users. Therefore, users also get to know more about the location of the places they are searching. This is the convenience users get to enjoy from Google Maps which is a success factor for this company. Apple has to work on this area in order to keep up with the kind of competition that Google has set up.

The mode of viewing places on the Apple Maps is better than what is viewed in the Google Maps. However, the difference that users get in comparison to these two applications is that Google provides more information on the map grids. When it comes to the issue of traffic information, both applications are reliable. But the difference that pops up is that Google still provides more valuable information to be used and thus gets an advantage over Apple. This advantage becomes of much use especially when one wants to navigate through a city or town that is heavily crowded or populated.

The search option in both of these mobile handset applications is good since; the search process is simplified. For instance, when using the Google Maps for the first time, you will be able to see maps in a whole different aspect. This is also the case with the Apple maps which are also nice when one uses them. Google gets an advantage over Apple in that, it has a search engine that is fast and this also applies to the map searches done over Google Maps. This is one thing that has left Apple Maps lagging behind with regards to the issue of map application dependability.

And since users need a dependable application, they have thus turned to the use of Google Maps which provide them with more map information than they ask for fast. The intellisence part of the Google Maps makes searches such an easy thing such that, users get results of what they want to search even before they finish typing. Apple has not been able to bit this factor and thus still remains behind when it comes to the issue of who is better with their Maps applications.