Google is all set to give its rival a stiff competition through its Television platform as it has updated its Google TV platform. Now, the users of Google TV can buy and download movies, TV shows and music through its famous Google Play store.

In addition to all the above features, Google TV users will also be able to access previously purchased, rented videos and the purchases made from other devices also will sync up with the TV. Through Google TV, you can search across several different video services (HBO Go, Netflix, Cable TV providers, etc.) from where you can watch a particular program.

At developer’s end, “this update also enables many other Google Play features including auto-updates, subscription billing, and smart app updates,” said by Google in a blog post.


Though Google has struggled with GTV as this new functionality is already offered for a while by Google rivals like Amazon Instant Prime, which lets customers keep track of past video purchases and buy or rent new ones and also from iTunes store on Apple TV from where you can buy or rent videos. But, as Play Store is already working wonders for Google on all the android platforms, this feature is surely going to add-on Google’s profitability in the coming future.

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