Google+ Hangouts were already admired with users who interact with sign language but thank to enhancements in video steadiness and an innovative “Take the Floor” feature, Google’s group video chat ability just got a lot more sensible for each and every.

Switching among the speakers in Google+ Hangouts is automatic by means of voice commencement, where whosoever is chatting the most is revealed in the main video and all others can be observed in smaller video thumbnails. This seems to be awesome and the automatic switching is one of the amazing features of Hangouts.


But that was not functioning as well for those users who are unable to hear in chat areas, the main video screen was typically occupied by user’s microphone was absorbing most of the background noise. Due to this, majority of the users were often trying and finding difficult to read the sign language of people which were getting displayed on tiny thumbnail video areas.

Google’s resolved this problem by launching a feature “Take the Floor”. In a Google+ official post, Google engineering director Chee Chew illustrated its working:

1) Have each one to mute their audio.
2) When you desire to sign something, press Shift+S
3) When you observe yourself as the main video that is your sign. You have  got the floor… everyone’s main video has switched to you. Sign away.

Chee Chew said, “We have observed over the past few weeks that the steadiness and quality of the video in Hangouts has become better also, which also make it simpler for those who are unable to hear and understand sign language.”

Check out this video: