Voice search, being an exciting addition in Google search, people are going crazy day by day. This feature allows the users to search the web and phone by voice. And the best part is that it allows complete control over the phone with Voice Actions. One can quickly complete his search in the phone or web by speaking instead of typing. This feature is also applicable to call your contacts, get directions, type text messages and keep complete control over your phone.

The battle for Voice search is continue to get many more updates to support various devices. Google announced an updated version of Voice Search for Android Devices, which would suppport 13 additional languages all across the world. With this update, the Voice search is available in 42 languages in total targeting regional accents of 46 countries.

The latest update by Google has expanded its reach to more than 100 million Android device users. These users would be able to use voice search for additional languages including Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, European Portuguese, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Swedish.

Google gave a brief idea about this update saying “Each new language usually requires that we initially collect hundreds of thousands of utterances from volunteers and, although we’ve been working on speech recognition for several years, adding these new languages led our engineers and scientists to tackle some unique challenges. While languages like Romanian follow predictable pronunciation rules, others, like Swedish, required that we recruit native speakers to provide us with the pronunciations for thousands of words. Our scientists then built a machine learning system based on that data to predict how all other Swedish words would be pronounced.”

This new update has already been launched, but Google mentioned that it will take another seven days to get rolled out properly. People who are more curious about this additional feature can check a manual update via Google Play. Only Android 2.2+ devices can support this feature, there has been a limitation for the multiple languages that this app can recognize. For this, Google said that the users may need to switch their default language according to the country in which they live.

Those who can’t handle their curiosity can check out the manual update and share their experiences with us by commenting below in the comments section.