Google unveiled on their official blog yesterday that, ever since being first launched in 2005, Google Earth has now been downloaded over one billion times. This number of downloads comprises downloads on the desktop client, Google Earth plug-in and mobile apps as well.

The service weaves satellite images and mid-air photos into 3D interactive graphics which people can zoom into, starting from space and homing in on structures or plots of land.

“We’re proud of our one billion milestone, but we’re even more amazed at the way people have used Google Earth to explore the world,” McClendon said.

“When we founded Keyhole, Inc. back in 2001 we never imagined our geospatial technology would be used by people in so many unexpected ways,” he continued.

As part of the celebration, Google has put together, a gathering of many stories from Google Earth users who are using this technology in fascinating means. This website is fundamentally just a Google Earth map with pins stressing stories others have submitted associated to their experiences with the technology.

You can also utilize the timeline underneath the map to discover how users have used Google earth over the several years or you can click on “Share your Story” to share your personal experience with Google Earth.