What are the Highlights of Google Update?

  • Google Adds New Association Functionality to Search Console.
  • It will provide you a wider and better view of data across multiple Google services.
  • You can now connect your Search Console account with other Google accounts, like Google Analytics, YouTube, Android apps, and more.

Google introduced a new feature in Search Console, called “associations.” It lets you link your Search Console account to other Google accounts, including Android apps, Google Analytics, YouTube, and more.

Do You Know What Associations Are?

Google said an “association is a connection between a Search Console property, and some other entity or property in another Google service: for example, between a Search Console property and a Google Analytics account, a YouTube channel, or a Chrome Web Store account.”

What Accounts Can You Associate Together?

Here are a few of the Google accounts that you can connect with associations:

  • Google Analytics Property: You can see your Search Console data like organic search questions in the Google Analytics property. Besides, you can combine Search Console properties with Google Analytics to adequately cover your organic search outcomes. We suggest utilizing this alternative to aid you in getting a comprehensive view of the Search Console records in Google Analytics.
  • YouTube Channel: Connect your videos to your related site.
  • Google Ads Account: See the organic and paid report in Google Ads.
  • Chrome Web Store Account: Publish applications and extensions to the Google Chrome Web Store on the part of your website.
  • Actions Console Project: Examine your brand and allow cross-platform functionality.
  • Play Console App: Utilize App Indexing.

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How Does It Vary from Domain Properties?

Domain properties renewed property sets in Google Search Console in 2019. They (Domain properties) are a means to examine your complete domain in Search Console and view your information across www vs. non-www, and more in a place without going to each property.

What Associations Seem?

You can see a screenshot of associations in Search Console:

Image Source: https://developers.google.com/

Current Associations

You could perform associations earlier, and to make it easy, Google said, “any existing associations are automatically carried over to the new Associations page.” For instance, when I reviewed my associations, I notice my Android Application, Google Analytics account, and YouTube channel.

Why Should You Care?

Google will be providing us more knowledge and more data in Google Search Console with other services. The tech giant Google said it could “unlock more functionality for your site.”

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