As everybody is looking forward for iPhone 5 event today, how could we expect Google to keep quiet and let Apple gain all the attention. Google’s director of product management announced that 500 Million Android devices have been activated globally. And with this, he gave a reminder call to all the Smartphone users that Android is still bigger than iOS.

Hugo Barra, the director of product management for Android updated a status on his Google+ account saying that more than 1.3 million Android devices are added every day. You would be more surprised to know the actual figures of the activated devices in the month of July’2012 were 900,000 per day and the count in December’2011 was 700,000, which is again big amount in comparison to Apple, told by Google’s Andy Rubin.

Introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S III in the market late in the May’2012 made Android hit the charts with increased number of activations. Samsung announced that more than 20 million Galaxy S III devices have been sold till date and the expected numbers cannot be counted. The trick of announcing daily device activations was first started by Apple, but Android took an advantage and surpassed Apple in 2011. He is no more an active player in this game now.