The latest feature will help download the recent mobile app releases quickly, particularly for those utilizing open-source software, which is not permitted on the Play Store, such as John Wu’s Magisk Manager.

Github’s app on iOS and Android now compatible with downloading viewing and releases. The famous code hosting platform to collaborate and build GitHub declared that it was combining support for browsing launches on its Android application with the capability of downloading them, both the features requested over on the platform.  

As per GitHub’s tweet, the mobile application for Android and iOS would now support GitHub Launches – the portion of every ‘repository’ be browsed and later downloaded. Users who wish to access the upgradation must update their application to edition 1.4.14 from the Play store, as per XDA’s report.  

As soon as users updated their GitHub application, they can view any project operated on GitHub, like the Bromite browser or the Signal app. You will notice a new Releases tab on the project’s home page, giving the recent release with earlier assets posted by the project’s creators. 

This would be helpful to swiftly download the recent app launches, mainly if you utilize an open-source tool that is not permitted on the Google Play Store, such as John Wu’s Magisk Manager. Nevertheless, it is interesting to view how long the mobile app will be enabled to survive on the Google Play Store, mainly acknowledging Google doesn’t let applications that share other applications inside them stay on its Store. 

It is due to other apps stores, such as the F-Droid and Epic Games, which can yet be sideloaded. However, since they “complete” with the Store, they are not permitted on the Play Store itself. Let’s see whether Google will let the GitHub app share apps and other launches from inside their app by creating an exception.