In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the term “virtual reality” became a popular futuristic term. Most people would associate virtual reality with games and programs that allowed people to function inside a different “world”, hence the term virtual reality. If you’ve seen some of the science fiction movies in the early 90’s, then you’d notice how the plot always associates with a world created by a computer program. Indeed, people became so fixated in an alternate world where you can shape it however you want with the power of a computer program.

Coined as “artificial reality”, virtual reality immerses a person within an environment simulated by a powerful super computer. Think of those powerful industrial computers that you see inside your company’s data room. But who knows; in the near future, you can change the ambiance or the look of your own bedroom with just a push of a button! This has always been the major theme for most science fiction flicks in the early days.

Within the 21st century, the power of virtual reality became possible in the fields of military service. The U.S Navy are now using state-of-the art virtual reality machines as part of training fresh recruits for active duty. Special operations, such as search and rescue as well as counter terrorism now depend on virtual reality simulations to help soldiers learn the best tactics to use during the operation, as well as enhance their decision making skills. Not only that, several government agencies are also using virtual reality for state security and efficiency. Because of these developments, one may think that it is now possible to build gadgets that can access virtual reality in order to get a better grasp of things.

For example, having a virtual simulation of an airplane’s cockpit helps pilot trainees during their lessons of taking off and landing an airplane. The army are also known to run virtual simulations of combat training, since it helps builds up a person’s decision-making skills in a short amount of time.

Sounds like the Matrix, right? While our current technology is still too far compared to the acclaimed science fiction action flick, the use of simulation rooms is now quite possible.

It’s the way of the future indeed. In the future, restaurants and coffee shops will rely on virtual reality in order to create or simulate a room that has a favorable ambiance suited for the clientele. This technology can also improve the hotel business. Who needs to go to the beach when you can run a simulation program where your whole room transforms into one of the classy private beaches that you fantasize about every day?

Just thinking about it makes me all excited.

Back then, people believed that it will take years before gadgets that use virtual reality will appear in our lives. Now, there’s tons of gadgets that make use of virtual reality. Well, not exactly as perfect as the ones we’ve seen in science fiction movies, but indeed, it’s the first step towards building an awesome technology that will benefit mankind for the years to come.