Foursquare has carried out every effort to make certain that their application is accessible to as many users as feasible. Foursquare has added 5 new languages to its application which includes Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Korean and Bahasa. These 5 fresh languages symbolize a few of the fastest rising areas globally.

To view Foursquare in one of the new five languages, you will be required to update your application to the newest version and it will convert to the default language automatically which is set on your mobile phone. You can also adjust the language of the site with options on the bottom left of the site’s page.

This is the second wave of Foursquare’s hard work at international language extension. Co-founder and CEO of Foursquare Dennis Crowley proclaimed that the application would be converted into Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian, and French at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year in February. Foursquare decided to incorporate these 5 new languages in their application as they symbolize some of their highest mounting global markets.

Now that the Foursquare has over 10 million customers worldwide and set their prospects on buzzing in additional merchants and deals service affiliation, they have resolute to introduce in 5 more languages. According to a Foursquare, the utilization of their application in nations where those newly added languages are being spoken by the people has ever since have exploded.