Foursquare has introduced photos inline feature with check-ins in a latest update to its iPhone application. The new version will add color to the action stream and rejuvenates the look and feel of the application.

With this update, Foursquare for iPhone customers will now perceive friend’ s images and check-ins united together in the activity stream just as they would on

Most remarkably, you will see that images are now exhibited inline when you are viewing your check-in activity stream. This is equivalent to the functionality that was freshly included to the It not only enhances the visual appearance, also it makes the service experience more lively and private.

This innovative addition of inline photos saturates the more visual experience of the complete application. If you visit a venue page and then click all the way through to perceive who is there, if any of your friends are there, you will observe their images and screams from that position inline as well.

One feature which has not been included in this update is Lists. This new feature that Foursquare launched to their site, they are still a working at the mobile end. But it will be introduced in the next updated version soon, Foursquare promised. Also, all of these fresh features will be introduced in the BlackBerry and Android mobile apps soon.