Flipkart has recently announced Ping, a new messenger-cum-social network built into the app of the internet e Commerce website. Flipkart says, PIng is specialized for shopping together with your friends and family.

Image Source – igyaan.in

With the latest google update about Mobile friendly website (Mobilegeddon), mobile shopping is getting popular. Though shopping on mobile is a very isolated experience. Thus, to make your mobile shopping wonderful Flipkart has announced Ping, a great way to shop with friends. Its is a social shopping experience integrated in Flipkart.

As of now Ping is available for limited users only (invited users) but slowly it will be rolled out to all users. The service is being rolled out on an invite basis, where the e-commerce giant grants 10 invites per person on particular age group, who have a lot of Flipkart users in their circle. It is not targeting users who spend a lot, but looking for a certain youthful demographic.

Image Source – igyaan.in

The company is not using the address book of its user to send invites but it has innovative ideas to expand this feature with more of customer engagement .It also says to add a similar feature like Facebook Messenger chat window inside the Flipkart mobile experience, where a user would be able to drag, drop and share the stuff they are thinking to buy. It will also have an option to share full screen with friends in the chat thread. It will display all the items you have added in cart or shortlisted to buy.

For this time, Ping is a feature of Android and iOS which is 95% of its mobile user base but company hasn’t disclosed remaining 5 %. Justifying the launch of Ping, company says there are more than 50 million users on its app and they spend 60 minutes (around 1 hour) on the app. It also stated that among 50 million users, 41 % users are from India ( highest than any other country).